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Everyone has to start somewhere. There is some experience, due to writing for others, but it is time to branch out to other things. There will be open communication and the willingness to put forth best efforts on behalf of any client.


Fairleigh Dickinson University

The field of study was Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice.


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Other than writing articles, Tarot and Astrology readings have been done for over 5 years now. These were both for fun and for profit. No complaints have been given in regards to the work done. One thing that hasn't been explored yet is horoscopes, and there isn't any interest in doing them in the future.


45 Projects Completed

In the last year, a new furniture company put the call out for new descriptors for their products. They wanted each entry to be creative. Having to do that with a very limited amount of words was interesting. The furniture company also did not want the words "The" or "This" to be at the beginning of any sentence. As stated earlier, interesting, but ultimately fun.

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