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April has always been a writer. However, she has had the honor of holding the professional title for nearly a decade. With her distinctive ability to relate to readers in an every day approachable way, while also providing professional and informative content, she continues to assist large corporations and small businesses alike with boosting and maintaining their web traffic and most importantly, enhancing their brand authority.

April believes that the core of successful content is the ability to reach every reader exactly where they are. Whether the goal is descriptive, persuasive or expository content, her talents offer her the versatility to speak directly to the client’s targeted audience. Years of professional experience have given her the opportunity to hone her research skills in many areas; however, family and relationship, oral health and hygiene and home improvement topics, continue to be heightened areas of interest.

With client focused writing, attention to detail and prompt response times at the helm, April plans to continue providing clients with superior content.
Home Living


April enjoys creating content that is light and conversational, but also professional, well-researched and free of fluff. With this balance, she can expertly produce how to, informational and educational articles.


April often refers to herself as an information sponge. No subject matter is too boring or complex to learn more about. If there is something to be learned, she is interested. This thirst for knowledge has made research more than just a professional requirement, but a favorite pastime. If she’s not writing, she’s likely watching a documentary, at the library or at a nearby museum. This quest for greater knowledge rests only slightly above her passion for helping others. She believes that when you help those around you, you somehow end up helping yourself. As a military spouse, she enjoys lending her time to support other military families and the efforts of the American Red Cross.


Fisk University

April completed coursework toward degree.

Home Living

104 Projects Completed

April enjoys writing content based on all aspects of home ownership; however, she thoroughly enjoys the areas of decor and renovation. As a self-proclaimed DIY expert and having overseen her fair share of home renovation projects, she pools her hands-on experience with research to provide readers with detailed, enjoyable and actionable content.


30 Projects Completed

April authors numerous family-focused articles. Helpful parenting tips, family budgeting ideas, safety tips and childcare advice are just some of the topics for which she has created content. When covering this subject, she enjoys using an inviting and compassionate voice, allowing her to easily engage readers from all walks of life.


23 Projects Completed

April creates authoritative content on a range of topics covering oral hygiene and health. Her credits include several published articles on the Colgate Oral Care Center, a large database aimed at educating and assisting readers with their health care needs. While highly researched, content is geared towards readers at all levels.


112 Projects Completed

April thoroughly enjoys creating articles. She enjoys the challenge of creating natural and unique content, while also incorporating keywords to improve search engine rankings with heightened optimization. Since she enjoys this practice so much, quite naturally, she spends much of her writing time in this area, creating roughly 30 articles each week.

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