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Megan is a college graduate with 15 plus years of work experience. She has been an Early Childhood teacher, a Server at a fine dining establishment, and is currently working for a Staffing Agency. She is always ready and willing to learn and try new things. Megan's experience and ambition will make her the perfect writer for you.


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Megan has been working as the Executive Assistant at a staffing agency for just over three years now. She works directly with the clients and the employees. Staffing has become a very competitive industry. Megan knows that a lot of large corporations rely on staffing agencies to place good qualified candidates in their open positions.


Megan has some experience in construction as she has volunteered to help build many house with Habitat for Humanity. She has helped with blue print reading, framing, siding, measuring, painting, etc. Megan is very interested in the construction industry and learning more about it.


Megan has previously worked in the education field. She taught Early Childhood Education. Megan believes education is very important for every child.

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Megan is just getting started in her writing career. She has a college education and a diverse professional background that will serve her well writing in various subjects.

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