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Dave has written 405 non-fiction reports for Demand Media. The subjects ranged from The Kentucky Rifle in the Revolutionary War to a critique on the Dust Devil UD70095. He filed articles comparing the Camaro ZL1 and the Mustang Shelby GT500, explaining the Super Slow Weightlifting method and examining Morality in Executive Management.

In fiction, he's written three novels and fifty nine stories for clients he found on UpWork. Examples of his stories include the exploits of a team of Werewolves called Black Ops - Lycan, a paranormal story about two married ghosts who helped people with their romantic problems called Jim, Julie and Two Very French Ghosts, a crime detection story about a very shy man and the creative, brave girl he wants to marry called Hannah and the Chair and historical stories about Napolean, John Wayne and a French thug named Fantomas.


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Dave has written for newspapers, government agencies and private clients. Ninety five percent of his work was accepted by his clients.

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Dave has written 405 articles on various subjects such as an explanation of fuel injection in reciprocating engines, the possibility of the existence of the city of Atlantis and Salsa Clubs on the Strip in Las Vegas.

He's also written three full length novels and fifty nine stories for various clients.

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