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Jonathan has experience writing blog posts, technical documentation, and scientific texts. He is currently pursuing a certificate in technical communications and holds degrees in Chemical Engineering, as well as a number of patents. A transplant into the software industry, Jonathan originally spent time working in research and consulting. There, he authored procedural documents, articles for scientific journals, patent applications, and various invention records.

After learning his various software skills almost exclusively from reading poor documentation, Jonathan understands the struggle of those unable to converse efficiently with professionals. His comfort with distilling information from subject matter experts provided an avenue with which to grow as a technical communicator. And as a result, he now strives to improve accessibility and readability of written documentation everywhere.


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Jonathan authors a blog discussing game updates, community-developer relations, and tabletop/board games.

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Jonathan stepped into the software industry through self-taught programming courses and open source work. In addition to documentation and tutorials for his own coding projects, his writing includes contributions to open source reference documentation and beginners learning guides.


Jonathan is an avid gamer that regularly looks to spark conversations with game designers and fellow players. He has written wiki articles, blog posts, introductory articles for new titles, and summaries for notable updates. These range from discussions of successful mindsets in high end content to preemptive rules clarifications for new players of a board game.


Jonathan has 5 years of experience writing and revising scientific journal articles, invention records, procedural documents, and patent applications. By reducing topic complexity without sparing details, he improves the effectiveness of communication.

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Jonathan authors a blog discussing game updates, community-developer relations, and tabletop/board games.

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