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Gary M is a software engineer as well as an experienced author, with three books to his credit. His background allows him to cover a broad range of tech topics, including WordPress, Web design, computer security, and cloud computing.

He has written extensively on file formats, digital preservation, and related issues, maintaining a popular blog on the topic.

Outside of professional topics, he has published a successfully crowdfunded book on music in science fiction fandom.

His writing focuses on the facts of the matter, while adjusting the focus and tone to match the client's intended audience.

Cats, music, and bicycling are among his favorite things in life, and they're topics he can satisfy a client's needs on.
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Gary M has written on a broad range of topics related to computer technology. On the topics of software development, programming languages, digital libraries, and digital preservation, he brings a professional level of expertise.

He has written numerous articles on the intersection of technology, politics, and economics.


Gary M is an avid lover of classical music, familiar in detail with the works of many composers. He plays the piano and sings for fun, and has performed for audiences in the United States, England, Canada, and Germany.

He loves bicycling and knows many of the bike trails in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

He has a conversational and reading knowledge of the German language and has translated songs into German.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

Purdue University

Master of Science, Computer Science


118 Projects Completed

Gary M has written numerous works on computer technology. Compute! Books published a book of mine on text adventure gaming and reprinted it in a revised second edition. My ebook "Files that Last: Digital Preservation for Everygeek" was the result of a successful crowdfunding project that included funding for a professional cover and copy editing and maintains a personal blog on file formats and digital preservation. He has written numerous paid blog articles on computer security, WordPress, software development, and cloud computing.

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230 Projects Completed

Gary M has written over a hundred articles for a major content site in response to clients' topic requests. The majority are related to computer technology. Subjects include security, WordPress, cloud computing, healthcare IT, VoIP, and website development. Others are on a broad variety of topics, including language learning, bicycling, legislative news, and immigration. He has provided prompt revisions when requested by clients.


3 Projects Completed

Gary M has published three video courses on Udemy: "Personal Digital Preservation," "How to Tell a File's Format: Five Open Source Tools," and "Managing Metadata with ExifTool." He has also produced several YouTube videos on topics relating to digital archiving and preservation. This videos build on his work as a developer of some of the software presented.


2 Projects Completed

Gary M is the author of two crowdfunded e-books:

Files that Last: Digital Preservation for Everygeek, crowdfunded and self-published with professional cover art and copy editing.
Tomorrow's Songs Today: The History of Filk Music, crowdfunded and self-published with professional cover art and editing.

He has also self-published Yesterday's Songs Transformed: A Historical Tour of Song Rewriting.


1 Projects Completed

Gary M is the author of Compute!'s Guide to Adventure Games, published by Compute! Books. It appeared in 1984 and went into a second edition two years later. The book presents the variety of text adventure games that were available in the eighties, with many game reviews.

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