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Angela started to have an interest in writing at an early age. Angela first started writing short stories. Angela then ventured on into writing peoms for a short period. Angela's writing got published in the 2002 edition of Anthology of Short Stories by Young Americans. Angela's poem got published in 2001 Poetic Odyssey. Both of these published acoomplishments were at an early age. Angela continued to develop her writing skills and expand the type of writing topics that interested her. Angela continues to write on another freelance writing site on a wide variety of topics.


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Angela has had prior experience contributing health related articles for another freelance writing company. Angela has written material on a wide variety of health related topics. She really enjoys writing about health. Angela loves using her Psychology background to convey another perspective to the reader. She also enjoys writing general information about recent health news or health discoveries. Angela enjoys writing about the benefits health advancements can provide for others.


Angela has prior experience writing material associated with fashion. She enjoys writing about fashion tips the do and the dont's. Angela finds it intriguing to share her perspective on the latest trends and styles. She also enjoys writing material about existing fashion trends in our modern day world. She finds fashion very fascinating because it always is evolving and changing in perspective. Her prior work reflects her interest in fashion.


Angela has prior experience writing material that is associated with traveling. Angela herself has had experience traveling. She enjoys writing material on foreign countries. She also enjoys writing about traveling tips when visiting an area. Her prior work reflects her interest in visiting other countries. She also enjoys writing about the wonders a certain area can provide.

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Angela enjoys writing material that will engage individuals that have children. She has written prior material that focuses on child development. Angela enjoys finding new ways to convey how others can contribute towards benefiting the development of his or her own child. Parenting is quite an amazing journey in Angela's perspective. She continues to work on developing her understanding of childhood development. Angela continues to add her own persepctive and experience with her own children when writing material associated with information regarding childhood.

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