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Natasha has an extensive background in writing and managerial development. She is the author of a weekly news column that has been published throughout the United States for the last 18 years. She has written news, investigative news articles, community interest stories and Opinion and Editorial pieces. Natasha was nominated for the James Aronson Award for Social Justice Journalism in 2012. Natasha's writing skills also include academic writing, research publications, press releases, press statements, and policy manuals.

Natasha is a certified business writer, and has been ranked in the top 20 percent in Upwork's pool of contractors in the areas of Negotiation and Organizational Behavior. Natasha is currently ranked number two out of a total of 5,213,482 Independent Contractors and Staffing Managers on the Upwork platform.

Since 2006, Natasha has contracted through her company as a Labor Management Consultant for several of the largest Labor Management firms in the United States. Natasha has been assigned to a multitude of hospitals and healthcare facilities. Natasha's job is to troubleshoot issues in organizations and review and rewrite company policies and procedures. Natasha also develops and facilitates workshops pertaining to compliance issues and employee and labor relations.

One of the services that Lyde Dowdy Gordon Consulting offers is social media management, so Natasha is well versed in the use of management sites like HOOTSUITE and Twitdrip. Natasha currently manages social media strategy for the Westside Gazette Newspaper which is located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Natasha holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, and has worked as a Family Practice Nurse, Vascular Nurse and Surgical Nurse during the course of her career. Natasha also holds a degree in Psychology, and credentials in Legal Nurse Consulting. Natasha has taught Medical Terminology, Medical Law and Ethics, and Anatomy at Westwood College in Atlanta, Georgia.


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Versatility is one of the traits that Natasha takes pride in being able to offer her clients. Because of the fact that she has a wealth of knowledge in a wide range of subjects, Natasha can write articles that relate to health and beauty, fashion, products, business and law just to name a few.

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Natasha has a solid background in the healthcare industry. Her nursing background gives her viable knowledge of how the body functions, disease processes and available treatments. Natasha has written informational articles suitable for the general public, and has also authored more technical pieces for hospital C.E.O.s and executive management teams. Natasha specialized in the fields of general and vascular surgery when she worked as a full-time nurse, and has served as the Patient Education Coordinator of her hospital's clinic system. Her main responsibility in the role of Patient Education Coordinator was to create and generate educational materials for patients on various diseases, surgical procedures, and childhood immunizations.


Natasha has a very creative spirit, and when she has down time she enjoys using her creative energy to dabble in one of her many hobbies and take on do it yourself projects. Natasha's grandmother taught her to crochet when she was nine years old. Since then Natasha has perfected her craft and she has crocheted baby blankets, hats, and scarves. Cross Stitching is also a favorite pastime of Natasha's. She has cross stitched poems, pillows, and even a bedspread. In addition to needle crafting, Natasha designs stationary, makes greeting cards, and makes crepe paper flowers. Natasha has sold a number of her projects at silent auctions, and at craft fairs.


Natasha is a true animal lover. She is a monetary supporter of Animal Place, and she also lends her support to America's Vet Dogs. Natasha was born into a house that was occupied by three large dogs who served as her protectors and part-time babysitters. Throughout her life, Natasha has had all types of animals as pets. At one point in time Natasha shared her home with two dogs, one cat, a fish, and a gerbil. Currently Natasha shares her home with her dog Gizmo.

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Summary of Product Experience


Versatility is one of the traits that Natasha takes pride in being able to offer her clients. Because of the fact that she has a wealth of knowledge in a wide range of subjects, Natasha can write articles that relate to health and beauty, fashion, products, business and law just to name a few.

Press Release

Natasha understands that a well written press release can make or break a business or a politician. Natasha believes that a press release is to inform the reader, but most importantly, a press release should be designed to motivate its readers into action. If the subject of the release is to announce a new product, Natasha believes that text should be written in a way that would compel readers to take a look at the product, think about how it could be of benefit to them, and ultimately make the decision to purchase the product.


Natasha has circulated in many political circles all over the United States and has been tapped by several elected officials to write their statements to the press and their speeches. As the Chief of Staff for a Georgia State House Representative, Natasha is charged with the responsibility of developing a communication strategy which includes talking points, and press releases in addition to writing speeches. Natasha has also been a guest speaker at conferences like the Texas Hospital Association's Annual Conference as well as civic and community events.

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