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Darlene L
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In addition to a steady job working for her city's libraries, Darlene has also been writing online for at least ten years. The type of freelancing work she's done includes casual blogs, personal posts and anecdotes, journalistic writing and marketing content writing. Examples of content writing include descriptions, articles, blog posts and product descriptions for major websites and blogs. She has also studied journalism at a college level.
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Darlene's main writing specialty is anything on the outdoors and nature including animals, hiking and fishing. Her next specialty is writing product descriptions and short, introductory descriptions. She also has a lot of experience writing automotive articles and has had classroom training and hands-on experience in automotive repair and maintenance.


Darlene's interests are nature-related and scientific topics, especially relating to birds and endangered species. She is also active in conservation issues. In addition to these activities, she also likes to hike, bike and travel.


San Diego State University

Studied various aspects of the political system and specialized in International Relations. Also studied African history, Middle East politics and Soviet/Russian politics.


327 Projects Completed

Darlene has written several different types of travel articles such as general recreation and airport guides. Generally, her articles revolved around destinations all over Southern California. However, she has also written travel articles for other states as well as overseas. Recreation articles were usually about an activity or area with a great deal of outdoor activities. Airport guides generally pointed people on what to do once they arrive at a specific destination.


299 Projects Completed

Darlene has done many articles related to automobile repair and maintenance. She has had classroom and hands-on experience working with cars and has drawn on this experience when writing. Examples of the topics she has written about include articles on specific car problems, such as engine or wheel problems, and maintenance tips. Darlene has also written short articles about specific models of cars.


201 Projects Completed

Darlene has extensive experience writing about pets, especially dogs, cats, horses and birds. She primarily writes about pet health and behavior, but is willing to expand her writing to other topics. Darlene also has extensive personal interest in animals and has hands-on handling and care experience with many species as well as connections with other animal owners. She has both owned, cared for and rescued abandoned pets throughout her life.

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1,037 Projects Completed

In addition to her own personal blogs, Darlene has written hundreds of blogs for other people and companies around the web. She covers a variety of topics, but her main subjects are travel, tourism, animals, automotive repair, plumbing, roofing and dentistry. The majority of her blog posts are between 300 and 600 words.

Product Description

1,001 Projects Completed

Darlene has worked for several sites doing product descriptions, with and without bullets, for general consumer products. The length of these descriptions range from at least 50 words to over 200 or 300. Examples of products she has written about include clothing, bedding, bath products, mirrors, lighting and electronics. Many of these descriptions were used several well-known sites.

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