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Philip is currently a special education teacher in Detroit, Michigan. While he does a lot of writing for his work, he also does writing for fun. He writes articles about general topics, articles about education, and does certain types of creative writing like stories and poems. He is flexible, and is willing to accept almost any writing assignment.


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Phillip is a special education teacher in Detroit, Michigan. He knows a lot about special education and the various disabilities. He has a teaching endorsement in autism spectrum disorder and emotional impairment. He has first-hand experience working with children with special needs who have many different disabilities. He is not currently working on any projects, but he would certainly welcome the prospect of writing articles that have to do with education and special education. Another area of specialty that he has is autism. He is knowledgeable about this topic and is more than willing to write about it.

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In his current position as a special education teacher, Phillip is in charge of putting together the yearbook, marketing the yearbook and selling the yearbook to the staff and students. As a part of the marketing campaign, he put together advertisements that persuade the staff and students to buy the yearbook. He also throws in other incentives in the deal to try to get them interested enough to buy it. Some of those include buying more yearbooks at a discounted price. The more they buy, the more they save.

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Phillip provides companies with quality blog posts. The ones he has done in the past have been for free. He did one on Planet Fitness. Within this post, he went into detail about Planet Fitness, the type of clientele they look for and talked a little bit about the different equipment they have. They have two different tours. One tour is for normal people while the other one is for people Planet Fitness wants to discourage from joining.

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