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Alicia is a freelance writer who specializes in the field of real estate writing but she is also adept at creating content for health, medical, and beauty topics as well.

Alicia has written professionally for over a year and has completed over 1000 orders for a diverse pool of satisfied clients across different writing platforms and services. She frequently creates blog posts, web content, articles, and product descriptions.

She holds a Bachelors Degree from the University of Mary Washington and a Masters Degree from the University of Virginia.

Here are just a few of the positive reviews she has received during her writing career:

"Fantastic work, Alicia! This is exactly what we're looking for. Thank you for your submission."

"Perfect -- thanks, Alicia."

"Great job with this one. Thanks a bunch!"

"Great job, Alicia. Please take a look at the other cities on the list if you have a moment. Your style is exactly what I am looking for. Thank you!"

"Once again, great Job."

"Perfect, thank you! No changes."

"Nice article!"

"Thank you! Great job with the research and maintaining a good personality with the piece."

"Thanks for this, it was great! We have many more like this to complete and have added you to our Love List. Hopefully you can help with a few more =)"

"Great Alicia! Thank you very much. :)"

"Thanks! Very well written :)"

"Fantastic! Thank you so much for the quick turnaround time and for the great article, Alicia."

Would you like to request a solo? Please follow these guidelines for the best results.

-Please provide a minimum 48-hour turnaround for emergencies, and 96-hour for standard orders. The more wiggle room you give me, the more likely I can fit you in my schedule. Please be considerate of deadlines before assigning anything on Friday. I prefer not to work on weekends so add extra time to account for the time I will not be working. For example, I will turn down a solo requested on Friday that allows only 48 hours for completion because that means I have to complete it during the weekend.

- Minimum 5-star payment for content

-Please give clear, concise directions for your orders. Examples are quite useful!

**due to recent evidence on the harmfulness of vaping, Alicia will no longer accept solos about e-liquids, e-juice, or anything related to vaping products. Thank you for understanding.**
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University of Mary Washington

Alicia completed her undergraduate studies as a double major in Latin, Greek and Italian.

University of Virginia

Alicia completed her MA in Italian Studies at the University of Virginia while teaching introductory Italian.

Home Living

254 Projects Completed

Alicia has completed many orders about home living on WA and on other platforms. Topics range from residential fencing, mosquito prevention, roofing, and other factors that contribute to home maintenance. She also is knowledgeable about interior decorating. If you need any content that deals with home living, Alicia can definitely give you writing you will be happy with.


165 Projects Completed

Alicia has written many blog posts on health care, mainly dealing with the beauty sector. Skin care and dentistry are her specialties. She has written skin care product reviews and about nutrition that helps the skin glow. She has also written about dental implants and how to properly brush teeth to keep that winning smile.

Real Estate

141 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Alicia has worked in a real estate office for three years and has witnessed the ins and outs of the industry. She has picked up blogging for real estate agents as well. Topics range from the advantages of flipping houses, rental investment, tips and tricks for first time buyers, building equity, HOA rules, the importance of good leadership at a brokerage, and the importance of using CRMs to convert leads to real sales.


110 Projects Completed

Alicia has written on countless other topics in industries that do not fall into any specific category on this platform. She can write about movies, box delivery services, customer service platforms, driving school, and much more. If it requires just light research, Alicia is able to flesh out a beautiful product that you will be pleased with. If you are ever in doubt, just ask. She will be happy to tell you if she can take on the job.


86 Projects Completed

Alicia has written for car dealerships, successfully completing orders for clients on WriterAccess. She can promote any dealership and enhance the advantages of different models of vehicles. She also can address changing life situations and how a new car can help someone meet these needs. The auto industry is vast, so she has specialized in marketing and promotion within this realm, maintaining a positive and promotional tone in all her auto orders.


67 Projects Completed

Alicia has written food blog posts, restaurant descriptions, and recipes on WriterAccess with all "mets" and "exceeds" from satisfied clients who have added her to their Food Blog Love Lists. She has written about delicious tacos that tantalize us with their fresh corn tortillas wrapped around their savory, fragrant fillings and donuts that come fresh out of the oven that melt in your mouth.


62 Projects Completed

Alicia is wildly passionate about beauty topics, having written about everything from chemical peels and microdermabrasion to cosmetic dentistry. Skin care, beauty product reviews, and proper hydration are among her favorite topics. Acne treatment and prevention are topics she often writes about for a regular client and she can do the same for you. If you need any blog posts or web content relating to the beauty industry, Alicia would be absolutely delighted to take on your order.


55 Projects Completed

Alicia has promoted many products and services through media like brochures, online social media ads, product descriptions, and email marketing. Whatever the marketing need, Alicia has experience in fulfilling.

Consumer Goods

47 Projects Completed

Alicia has written quite a few orders on consumer goods here on WA. Ranging from product descriptions to analyzing the benefits of select products, she can position your consumer good in a positive light and give a fair analysis of its benefits.

Blog Post

721 Projects Completed

Alicia writes blog posts for various customers ranging from real estate, e-commerce, customer service, retail heatmap analytics, health and wellness, parenting, gastronomic experiences, international travel, and much more. She has had work experience in customer service for over 5 years and has done countless research papers at university. Therefore, she knows how to get the right information for blog posts that are credible and relevant.

Web Page

197 Projects Completed

Alicia writes content for web pages for various clients on different platforms, here on WA, and for personal clients. She has completed landing pages for diverse topics, products, and services with good reviews. Let Alicia write your next company overview or landing page!


139 Projects Completed

Alicia is experienced in writing for private clients, including articles for online publications. She knows how to convert information into an informative piece in order to help others understand current events.

Product Description

62 Projects Completed

Alicia has delved into the world of product descriptions and seems to have a knack at them. She believes that her background in marketing has helped her transition easily into this realm. Promoting products is very similar to promoting services and other professionals, so this field ties to her experience very well.


20 Projects Completed

Alicia has written a few catalogs on on WA, describing different products in the same category, allowing consumers to make informed choices before they buy. Consumers are highly driven by information they gather when researching online, so she is proud to contribute toward this valuable information.


13 Projects Completed

Alicia spends her day job marketing and promoting home listings. When you choose to work with her, you gain the experience and know-how from someone for whom advertising comes as second nature. If you need promotions for ANY product or service, look no further. Alicia is sure to choose the right catch phrase that will seize your audience's attention.

Facebook Post

11 Projects Completed

Alicia works for private clients who need promotional posts on Facebook all the time. She advertises new listings, recent sales, and also posts articles of general interest for soft marketing purposes.


2 Projects Completed

Alicia is no stranger to speeches as she has hosted events in graduate school with opening speeches. She also writes speeches for other people.


0 Projects Completed

Alicia can write your book. She has experience in fleshing out thoughts into delectable text. Whether it is nonfiction or fantasy, she can tell a good story. Writing stories has been her passion since she was a teenager and it is something she thoroughly enjoys beyond anything else. If you decide to work with Alicia on a book project, you will feel her genuine love for writing in every page.

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