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A lifelong love of reading transformed into a lifelong love of writing. At an early age, nearly any book was of high interest. This early curiosity still continues today and encourages interest in a wide variety of readings. The most important approach that must be taken when writing is the commitment to take on a topic with a fresh, unique perspective. Repeating what's already been said is a waste of time for everyone. However, tackling a common topic with a point of view that's yet to be expressed is what truly sets writing apart.


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As a former educator, Randolph understands the intricacies and issues that educators face today. His wife is a current teacher and he also has many friends that are educators. Being connected to the world of education gives Randolph a deep understanding and perspective in the area.

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Attached is a sample of a blog pot regarding educators and their role after the results of the recent presidential election.

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