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Genise started writing professionally more than 20 years ago, while working in the field of direct marketing. Not only did she manage all aspects of production for direct mail projects, but wrote the majority of product copy and newsletters.

Since quite a lot happened between then and now, she will fast forward to more recent times.

In 2005 Genise went back to school, online, to earn her degree. It took five long years, but she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. This degree enabled Genise to acquire expertise in three, instead of just one field of concentration. She focused on professional/technical writing, business and behavioral sciences. While equally qualified to go in any direction, Genise has and always will consider herself a writer above all else!

Shortly thereafter, she tested, and earned the title "Certified Professional Resume Writer," and the entitlement to use the letters CPRW after her name.

Genise believes her combination of technical and resume writing skills gives her a great advantage over many other writers.

Currently, Genise provides a multitude of writing services, on a freelance basis, from her home-based business, "Golden Resume Creations." While the majority of work comes from composing resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles, she also produces a host of ad hoc projects, on a wide-range of subject matter, targeted at audiences worldwide.


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Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience


Genise has produced a wide-range of documents and other materials about or relevant to the business industry, or subject matter about it. Since she has an AA degree in business administration, and one of the three concentrations of her BS is business. She is also an entrepreneur, with a home-based freelance business, which has provided her with practical experience as well in this field.


Genise has extensive knowledge about education, particularly adults going back to school, online and earning a degree. She experienced this herself, when, in 2005 she went back to school online, graduating with the highest honors, in 2010. She's written numerous essays and reports in reference to education related topics.


The article featured here is from Genise's blog. The particular article is about different kinds of bosses, and speaks of 10 various kinds of bosses, and then goes on to explain each one.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience


The first is the pros and cons of online verses traditional education.

The next is a paper about sleep deprivation, particular in the country of Singapore.


Genise has produced a variety of presentations, mainly through PowerPoint. Prior to 2005, when she returned to school, online, Genise had never done or had any knowledge of PowerPoint Presentations. However, in each class one was required. She learned how to produce them within about an hours time frame, and not only was the very first presentation acceptable, but it included advanced elements and techniques far beyond what a complete novice would know. She earned an 'A' on the assignment, and subsequently received grades of 'A' on all PowerPoint Presentations.

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