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Having a BA in History gave Dani a strong foundation to start her writing career on. She is a very creative person, involved with fine arts and music. Through the process of obtaining her degree, she has had hundreds of pages of practice in academic writing. That experience gave her the start to branch off into writing about more personal topics. She writes what she knows in her blogs; one about the world according to an emerging artist and another about her mother's breast cancer journey. She can write in a humourous style all the way to very formal and academic. Because of her many different life experiences and education, she is a very well rounded and diverse person which allows her to express her thoughts in a number of voices and styles.
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Historical writing, fine art topics, education, personal narratives.


Writing, visual art, painting, drawing, illustration, design, horticulture, literature, music, animal rights and welfare, tattooing, body modifications, alternative fashion.


University of New Hampshire

Dani received a BA in History with a concentration in European History and also a double minor in Studio Arts and American Sign Language.


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Dani writes for a blog co- managed by her friend and fellow artist Dayna (What The Water Gave Us). The blog covers topics of interest to visual artists. It is written from the view point of two emerging artists; Dayna is a middle school art teacher and Dani is a fine artist/writer/illustrator. The different perspectives and writing styles give this blog a unique flavor. Both authors tend to touch on each other's topics as well as writing independently about a subject. Topics include motivation, fine art, art education, inspiration, personal growth, career advancement, and design.


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Dani manages and writes a blog about her mother's breast cancer treatment journey (When A Good Woman Goes To War). She writes in a journal entry style that is informal and humorous at times. The writing can come across as internal dialogue that ultimately comes together as a scrapbook of experiences. It is informal and very personal as related to her feelings and mother's treatment. Topics include chemotherapy, survivor-ship, cancer treatments, mental health, emotional well being, and women's issues.

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9 Projects Completed

Dani is an up-and-coming blogger with a creative flair. She is familiar with informal, cheeky voices as well as serious and introspective styles. She is currently writing for blogs relating to art, health, personal growth, motivation, and women's issues.

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