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Adrian V
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Adrian has put more than two million words in print for the largest publishers in the school and photography markets here an in Great Britain. He is an FCC Commercial licensed broadcaster with 15 years of on-air experience in radio and TV, have created 24 blogs, 24 books, written for ten national magazines including SEVENTEEN (photo features), POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY, West Coast Editor, PhotoGraphic, Contributing Founding Editor, US CAMERA, CAMERA 35, Royal Society of Photography of Great Britain, made Fellow in 1974, only American so honored, The Smithsonian, Summer Quarterly 1974, contributing to an issue on navigation in antiquity, 325 educational filmstrips. His educational film publishers include The Society for Visual Education, Encyclopaedia Britannica Films, Universal International Education and Visual Arts, Doubleday & Co., ROA Films and his own AV Productions, Inc. He was one of the original Apple IIe "700 Programmers" concentrating on the school market producing 430 Apple IIe computer programs.


His BS degree is in Physical Science Education, major in Chemistry, minors in Biology and Physics, California Life Diploma Teaching Credential, Graduate Program at California State College, Los Angeles He has more recently been interested in equities trading, politics and economics and done over 3000 short pieces for his blog


Certified SCUBA diver, skier, photography, inventing.

As a result of underwater photographic work he contributed to SKIN DIVER magazine in the 70's. His "Timing Waves to Enter The Sea" article, appearing in SKIN DIVER is now a chapter in a classified U.S. Navy Seals training manual. It was the first study in what would be a new field, "Synchro Chaos," that may be significant in commodity, equity and other markets.

His "Timing Waves To Enter and Exit the Surf" was the only militarily useful surf entry system developed from the literature including "Waves and Beaches," by Dr. Willard Bascom. The Bascom book is highly theoretical where the surf entry system is a practical tactical tool.


Illinois State University

Prepared for science teaching, eight years of classroom experience leaving for opportunities in film and publishing, writing and producing for The Society For Visual Education, Encyclopaedia Britannica Films, Universal Education and Visual Arts, Doubleday & Co., ROA Classroom Films and numerous small producers.


325 Projects Completed

Produced 325 educational filmstrips from script to screen, primarily in science, physical and biological. We generated the concepts, wrote the prospectus, presented and negotiated the project, wrote the scripts, produced the pictures, directed the film mastering, produced the sound tracks and presented the package.


18 Projects Completed

Adrian has written 18 books "UFO's: The Eye and the Camera," Barlenmir House, NYC NY, "Audiovisual Production," Amphoto Books, NYC, NY, "Destinies," "Turning Carbon To Gold," "Drought In Paradise," "The Evil California Franchise Tax Board," "All About Global Warming," "We're Magic," "All About Climate Change," "Time War 2084 - The Beginning," "Time War 2084 - The Alternative," "Vapor Tiger," AV Systems Books and six trash novels under a pseudonym.

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