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With a degree in Journalism, Lillian has worked as a writer and editor for over 15 years. Her published work has been featured in government publications including MMS Ocean Science, USAF The Mobility Forum and various VA publications. She has written multiple newspaper features and feature spreads for periodicals. Lillian's online copy and content work includes financial, travel, business to consumer and marketing websites. She provides editing services for grad students, marketing firms, websites and businesses.


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Industry Projects

  • Finance100+
  • Banking100+
  • Garden100+
  • Marketing100+
  • Outdoor/Recreation50+
  • Craft20+

Summary of Industry Experience


From credit repair to FOREX trading, Lillian has provided writing services that encompass a wide range of financial topics. By specializing in making complex information easily understood, she makes the difficult to maneuver topic of finances an enjoyable learning experience.


Lillian's work experience in the finance industry spans decades. From explaining difficult topics to the general public to specifically targeting experienced investors, She has the ability to effectively explain all financial topics in an engaging and authoritative manner.


Lillian has extensive agricultural and gardening experience. Her family continues her family tradition on a ranch in central Oklahoma. From hobby gardening to extensive agricultural production, she has the knowledge and background to fulfill all your agricultural information needs.


Lillian actively provides writing and editorial services for press releases, journal articles and b2b publications. She works closely with multiple clients to provide the best marketing in both print and online formats. Her SEO knowledge combines with writing skill to produce seamless sales copy. Whether you are looking for a call to action or a public relations piece, she can write copy that sells.


Women are flooding into the outdoors at never seen before numbers. Lillian offers the unique ability to target both men and women in outdoor and recreational writing. She has the experience to write authoritatively on various outdoor topics.


Lillian enjoys crafting and sharing craft information with others. From crafting culinary perfection to working with children on a rainy day project, she has the ability to explain the steps for a successful project.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+

Summary of Product Experience


Lillian has provided article writing services for 15 years. Her clients include content providers, marketing companies and various small businesses.

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