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Writing has truly always been a passion of Tamara's and this love, along with her expertise, has continued to grow and evolve. She graduated from Southern Methodist University in 2007 with a Bachelors of Arts in Journalism. Since that time, she has worked as a freelancer with various entities, writing on wide breadth of subjects from business to legal to beauty to relationships. For the CW 33, Tamara work as a freelance journalist, covering topics of interest to the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. She also works with Tha Afterparty Radio and writes timely and relevant blog posts, email campaigns and social media posts. As a music publicist, she wrote press releases, interviewed artists and compiled PR kits. Currently, Tamara is a full-time content writer where she writes website content for doctors's offices.
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Blogging, freelancing, journalism, interviewing, copywriting, content writing, press releases


Medical, legal, beauty/fashion, bios, press releases, product/service descriptions, music


Southern Methodist University

Tamara attended Southern Methodist University where she majored in Journalism and Psychology. She graduated in 2007 magna cum laude with a 3.81 GPA.


25 Projects Completed

In the medical industry, Tamara has had extensive experience writing a number of doctor/staff bios, along with facility, hospital privilege and procedural pages. She has primarily worked with dentists, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and reconstructive surgeons. Tamara researches and condenses dense information to make it easily readable and understandable for the average reader.

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20 Projects Completed

Tamara consistently writes stylish and splashy blog posts on a weekly basis for Tha Afterparty Radio. In her role as the Online Coordinator, she is primararily responsible for writing witty and relevant posts on everything from current events to entertainment to the latest information on the station.

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