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From technical writing to viral content, Megan has experience writing and editing all kinds of work; it's what she loves to do. She is currently an Associate Managing Editor at a website, having worked her way up from a staff writer position. Megan loves to work with words and ideas and make a product that she can be proud of.

As a freelance writer, Megan worked with sites such as BuzzFeed and Death & Taxes to make entertaining, shareable content. As a tutor and instructor at Northeastern University, she worked with students on technical academic writing that ranged from personal essays to scientific research proposals. Megan is comfortable with all kinds of writing, and loves a challenge.


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Industry Projects

  • Humor100+
  • Politics50+
  • Science50+

Summary of Industry Experience


Megan has worked with several websites to produce content that is both entertaining and shareable. Clickability is a primary goal, as well as attracting readers who will share the posts and promote viral traffic.


Megan has written pieces that range from informational articles to opinion pieces. She has covered current events like political elections to scandals of prominent figures to personal identity issues.


From writing articles for websites to pieces for companies about their products, Megan's work communicates information in a clear and straightforward way for reader consumption.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+
  • Article100+
  • Facebook Post100+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

From current events to listicles, Megan has created accessible, entertaining, and fun blog posts with the goal of being clickable and shareable.


Whether covering the latest celebrity gossip or interviewing experts about cultural phenomena, Megan writes informative and sharp articles that are enjoyable for the reader.

Facebook Post

Megan has created countless Facebook posts for past employers that promote content and build the companies' brand in the eyes of the readers. From increasing interaction to boosting traffic on their sites, she has learned the best ways to engage the page's fans to maximize social media presence.

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