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Heidi has worked in both the world of finance and science. She has the ability to create content, market and consult in these fields. In finance, Heidi trades futures and Forex, constantly keeps up with the news and take trades of various time periods. Heidi's written grants, scientific papers, presentations, speeches, blog entries and more.


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Heidi helps others make trading decisions for a small fee. She offers a look at all the trades she's made usually a day or two after the fact. She also has clients that have signed up for her private twitter feed, where she charges them to see all of the trades she makes live. Heidi also reviews what her thoughts are for market moves for the day and tentative plans for trading that day in short succinct tweets.


Grant writing, some have been paid, others not. Heidi has written many grants that were scored and two that were funded for work she was doing in a immunology lab. Heidi did write grants for travel and monetary support of her time there that had been awarded. In the sample work attached Heidi had replace specific protein name with the word protein to protect the privacy of the laboratory she worked in.

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Blog Post

Heidi has written many blog entries on many different subjects for various clients. She uses keywords at requested frequencies, links and photos. Below is an excerpt from a blog post she wrote on luggage.


Heidi has worked for content mills in the past and produced many paid pieces through them. She has written blog posts, website segments, white papers, informational pamphlets, brochures and research based academic pieces.


Heidi has experience writing scientific grants to obtain funding for self-planned projects in the laboratory. Her experience consists of writing both grants directed at government entities as well as private. Some have been funded and some have not.

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