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Before attending Temple University as an English major, Anthony went to a technical school called Thaddeus Stevens. It was in this location, and unlikely atmosphere, that his flame for writing ignited. Classes taken with a writing background include Analytical Reading and Writing, Technical Writing, and Composition I. Though the experience gained in these classes is invaluable, it was a novel by Suzanne Collins titled The Hunger Games that incited the current love affair between pen and paper.

After graduating from Thaddeus Stevens, Anthony plunged head first into the literary world by enrolling in Temple University's English, Creative Writing program. Courses began with Introduction to English Studies, and continued down a path of diverse writing that featured Survey of English Literature: Beginnings to 1900, American Literature, American Playwrights, Religion in the World, Creative Writing: Fiction, Popular Fiction, Screenwriting I, Introduction to Psychology, Philosophy of the Human, Introduction to Linguistics, and Writers at Work.

A healthy balance of lecture and class discussion kept students informed yet engaged. Concepts from readings assigned prior to class were first deconstructed to their most fundamental level, and then rebuilt to ensure students had a firm grip on the material. Papers took form in both the creative and research mediums. Critique of one's peers allowed deep analysis of individual work while developing an understanding for constructive criticism. Perhaps the greatest gift granted by these classes was the invitation to expression. Stories and ideas of personal growth exchanged hands. Friendships were solidified. Mentors offered wisdom and advice to an upcoming generation. A lot can be learned by the shared world, and, thankfully, learning never stops.


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During his final year as an undergraduate, Anthony partook in facilitating class discussion in a 4000 level English capstone class. Duties included researching background information for texts at hand, outlining a thirty minute lecture, and preparing a series of questions to generate class discussion. Close critiques of professional work molded each student a skill for deconstructing a finished product down to its core elements.

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Wrote a feature length horror script in Screenwriting I while attending Temple University. Thoroughly familiar with Final Draft screenwriting software. Over 200 hours of intense editing and revisions. Can format individual scripts for various company standards. Have experience in translating a script into a storyboard or shot list. Worked with video editing software (Windows Movie Maker, IMovie). Recorded, edited, and mixed audio via Garageband.

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