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Brittney has been working as a freelance writer for several years. Her first writing gigs were with Exodus and Odesk. She's now looking for a company that will help her grow as a writer and feels that working for WriterAccess will help her grow exponentially.


*Creative Writing


Folk music, fishing, reading and spending time with her little boy.


Lincoln Land

Brittney attended Lincoln Land Community College in hopes of receiving her degree in Early Childhood Education. Due to complications during her pregnancy, she has not yet finished her degree. Brittney will be finishing her degree in the fall of 2016.


100 Projects Completed

Brittney has always enjoyed writing humorous articles about varying topics. Brittney wants to create a successful blog that will be centered around funny pranks and jokes. Brittney has written well over 100 articles about crude humor, funny pranks and silly things to do. If Brittney could choose one topic to write about on a regular basis it would definitely be "Hilarious Pranks."


100 Projects Completed

Brittney has written articles for several different clients throughout the years. One of Brittney's favorite things to do is create SEO articles or creative writing articles. Brittney hopes that she can become successful with her writing and make it big some day. Brittney is a very fast typist and can deliver content in a very fast manner.

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