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Darryl B
Writer #1559
Joined 4/4/2011
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2,185 Projects
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Online Writing Experience:

Over 1000 articles written for seven different online content producers.

Darryl writes on a wide variety of topics, but most are technical, photography, travel, or home remodel related. He is an excellent researcher and can write on subjects with which he have no experience with the same enthusiasm and accuracy. His SEO skills are great and he uses tools such as Inbound Writer to make sure every article rates as high as possible with the given keywords.

Darryl is a writer and photographer living in Atlanta Georgia. His personal expertise includes the following

16 years experience installing tile, marble, slate and stone.
30 years experience in information technology, including programming, database management, web design and development, hardware and software.
6 years experience as a professional photographer with over 30,000 images sold.
15 years as a runner competing in the top 5% in the U.S.
15 years working in a corporate travel agency with extensive travel in the U.S., the Caribbean, Canada, Mexico, Central America and Europe.

He has written over 800 articles on these and a wide variety of other subjects with word counts from 200 to over 2000. He has also written several dozen short stories.
In addition, his non-fiction work has appeared in print in Writer's Journal Runner's Journal, Washington Running Times, and the Foliate Oak. His fiction has been printed in A Long Story Short, and Flashers Dozen, ManStory, and Mystery Anthology Magazine.
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