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Frederick is a politics analyst and current events reporter. He has written extensively about race relations, gender equality, money and politics, tax policies, federal and state-based policies and disenfranchisement issues. A former newsroom staff writer, Frederick is accustomed to quick turnarounds, producing well-sourced articles and generating sharp copy that is ready for use immediately.

Frederick is a jack-of-all-trades, with expertise in computers and consumer electronics, American sports, food and foodservice and the automotive market. Frederick has produced promotional and journalistic copy for a number of corporate and non-profit customers in both an authoratative and journalistic tone.


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Frederick has written extensively about the new and used auto markets, about hybrid cars and about current and new automotive technologies. Frederick is a car guy and tends to inject his personality and wit into his auto articles.

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Frederick has fifteen years of journalism and news reporting experience, with editorial experience with the Colgate Maroon-News and Bleacher Report. Frederick was the political/economics reporter and lead staff writer for Mint Press News, an online news and current affairs magazine – writing primarily about public and private finances, government issues, technology, public policy and social health issues. Frederick is currently a freelance writer covering economic policy and current national politics.

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Frederick has written copy and blog posts in both a promotional and an authoritative tone for blog posts and promotional websites. Frederick has written about the automotive market, food and food-service, the Internet and cloud technology, personal computing and consumer electronics and financial services. Frederick has made a reputation for himself for having well-sources, well-researched copy and for treating all customers as if they were major customers.

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