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Cynthia C
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When she worked at Pasadena's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Cynthia provided carefully worded computational support for their scientists.
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Cynthia writes short stories. She wrote a novel based on one of her short stories.


Cynthia's interested in sharing literary ideas with the writing community.


California State University, Los Angeles

Cynthia completed her college education in a longer time than intended because she was undeclared for the first two years.


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Cynthia has been writing short stories for five or six years now and enjoys the process very much. One of her science fiction short stories titled "Eden" became the basis for her science fiction novel "Alecner."

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Cynthia has written a few blog posts. Her angle or platform is "What is the disco ball in your life?" In other words, what inspired you in the past, and what continues to inspire you now to achieve greater and greater things?

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