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Steve is a marketing and entertainment writer with experience conducting deep research on a variety of topics to create well informed articles. Steve works as a freelance writer in Los Angeles, creating social media marketing, SEO, blogging and copywriting content for a wide range of companies.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Steve has experience creating viral content for TheRichest, the world's leading source of shocking and intriguing content surrounding celebrities, money, global events, society, pop culture, sports and much more. Here Steve conducted deep research on a variety of topics to create well informed articles that drew thousands of views.


Steve is a contributing writer for Songfacts.com. He is currently helping them in the revamping of Music History Calendar, writing detailed descriptions of key milestones in music history. He also manages and writes for his own blog, "Hip Hop Ted." Music is a huge part of Steve's life, and while he primarily writes for Hip Hop and Rap related articles he feels comfortable tackling any genre.


Steve has worked with several marketing companies to spread awareness through blog posts and articles displaying their marketing knowledge.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience

Facebook Post

Steve has worked as a freelance content creator for many social media companies, writing hundreds of quality, original posts a day for businesses of all shapes and sizes. He is adept at researching to find articles and images that relate to the company and will resonate with their audience.


Steve has experience writing articles on all sorts of topics for a wide variety of clientele type. No matter the subject Steve will produce a well researched and worded article that reads like it was penned by an expert, that's because at the end of the writing process he has amassed enough knowledge to be one!


With a Bachelor's Degree in screenwriting, Steve is a skilled scriptwriter and concept developer. He has assisted in creating video scripts for marketing agencies as well as a plethora of his own original scripts. Specializing in advertising and original concept development, if you've got a script idea you'll want Steve on the job.

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