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Robert's work as a chemist often requires the preparation of technical documentation in the form of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as well as Power Point presentations, and Master Production Records. Robert has also authored an instruction manual on the use of the Sony Alpha Nex-3N camera (ISBN 0615900097).

Within the realm of fiction Robert has written two self-published works:

Kilohertz (ISBN 061590954X) a action/adventure work published in 2013
Trapped in Glass (ISBN 0692334998) a fantasy/adventure novel published in 2015.

Further, he has maintained his own webpages for more than a decade.


Technical / instruction manual.


Horology, chemistry, writing, oil painting, and woodworking.


University of Michigan

Robert completed his studies at the University of Michigan, graduating in 2006. In addition to core studies in Chemistry, Robert also completed elective classes in creative writing, pharmacology, and toxicology.


0 Projects Completed

There are two main project types related to Robert's full-time occupation.

The preparation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) related to the equipment and procedures used at my site. Generally these are from 2-20 pages in length. The SOPs are mainly self contained but also interlink with other written procedures by reference number. Creating each of these documents requires breaking down a task into its individual components and headings and writing out each detail of the process with sufficient detail that someone untrained would be able to complete the operations.

The writing of Master Production Records (MPRs) based on development or established procedures. These detail in a step-wise manner the production of a given chemical while meanwhile referencing established SOPs for relevant steps.


0 Projects Completed

Robert has self-published two fictional novels, "Trapped in Glass" in 2015 and "Kilohertz" in 2013. Further, Robert authored an instruction manual, "Stepping Up to the Sony Alpha Nex-3N". From 2008-2013 Robert was the editor and main writer on a collaborative chemistry book project aimed at the hobby chemist.

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