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For the past several years Keith has worked as a marketing writer and social media manager as well as a Communication instructor at the University of Utah.

Keith spent over 7 years at the University of Utah developing course material, organizing research, and writing reports. He worked as both a consultant for the University of Utah's CLEAR program and as a Writing and Oral Communication instructor. During his time at the University, he developed courses and course material for the departments of Writing, Communication, Film, and Engineering for classes involving writing, public speaking, web design, and screenwriting. He has worked closely with students in the classroom and through the WebCT and Blackboard online instructional platforms to help them create and revise works ranging from standard technical papers to resumes, multimedia presentations, personal blogs and websites.

During his time in the University of Utah's CLEAR program, Keith also served as a consultant for the departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Bio-engineering. This great interdisciplinary initiative focused on direct instruction and consultation with engineering students. His major focus was on helping students develop their writing skills, ranging from correcting basic grammar to thinking critically about how to present their work. The bulk of Keith's duties involved reviewing, editing, and revising the students' technical writing.

Following his time at the University of Utah, Keith joined Max International, a major network marketing company in Utah. There he was responsible for developing all sales and marketing tools, writing content for the corporate website, maintaining the corporate blog and social media accounts, drafting and sending mass emails, editing and revising materials for the corporate executives, and advising on internal communication. He was involved in the marketing process from conception to execution, including all avenues of strategizing, executing, and delivering. It was a rewarding and challenging experience to work with many different departments to develop the best possible published and digital content for the company.

Essentially, Keith loves creating and developing content that helps to make the abstract easier to comprehend and the technical more accessible for a general audience. He has some working knowledge of HTML and is able to quickly familiarize himself with new programs and applications. Keith believes that the combination of his experiences makes him an excellent critical thinker, content developer, editor, and mentor.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Keith worked as both an instructor and mentor for undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Maine at Orono and the University of Utah. The majority of his work involved instruction on writing and oral presentation skills, the execution of which required focused critique, revision, and editing of his students' work. Thanks to this experience, Keith is well-versed in how to: write for an audience, craft texts for specific situations, deliver focused presentations, edit for content and grammar, guide others in the writing process.


Keith's position at Max International as the marketing writer meant he was responsible for developing and/or editing all the copy produced by the marketing team. In addition to developing copy for marketing materials he has experience including, but certainly not limited to, writing content for corporate websites, maintaining corporate blogs and social media accounts, drafting and sending mass emails, editing and revising materials for corporate executives, and advising on internal communications.


Max International focused on the development of nutraceutical products for health and weight loss. Keith's work at Max involved finding ways to write about the products that took very complex information and presented it to be more easily understandable. His writing responsibilities ranged from promotional brochures to informational product sheets. Though the style of writing had to be different for each medium, all the marketing materials need to be consistent in tone, language, and values.

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Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

During his time at Max, Keith was responsible for maintaining the official corporate blog. This meant writing, editing, and posting all content - which ranged from updating office hours and special announcements to long-form profiles on Associates and extensive write-ups on events. An expert in writing for web-based media, Keith was sure to craft each post to make them as readable and as engaging as possible. Keith also edited and uploaded images for all stories, including his own photographs taken for specific events.

Email Copy

Keith was responsible for drafting all major email announcements and sending out all mass email communications intended for company Associates. This included drafting, revising, and designing all company autoresponder emails, weight loss campaign emails, cease and desist letters, letters from the CEO, special announcement letters, company newsletters, and more. Keith needed to write many different styles of emails for a very diverse audience - each one meticulously designed to best engage and communicate with the intended recipients.


During Keith's time at Max, the marketing team took on a major initiative to redesign all of the company's marketing materials. This included redesigning all of the product brochures to make them more consistent in look and feel, more promotional, easier to read, and simpler to read through. In total, Keith co-designed and wrote 7 new brochures for the company, all of which received rave reviews from company Associates.

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