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For several years Jared has been writing academic papers, legal documents, and short stories. He graduated with an associates degree in paralegal studies from St. Louis Community College. After graduating he worked as a freelance paralegal for a year. In this time he gained experience in producing legal documents, performing legal research, and dealing with clientele.
He began exploring careers outside of the paralegal field and realized that he wanted to be a professional author. While working on his novel he is a freelance paralegal and a writer online.
Outside of fiction writing and law, Jared H. has an extensive knowledge of geopolitics and history. He primarily studies the history of Europe and the Middle East. His historical knowledge covers most eras of history from the classical era to the modern era.


Legal writing
Political writing
Fiction writing
Historical writing
Legal research
Historical research


Jared enjoys doing a wide variety of things in his free time. Jared is an avid gamer, but he also spends much of his time reading and working on his novel. His novel is a political thriller that explores current issues.
In addition to this he enjoys primitive-style camping whenever he gets the chance. As someone who grew up in a rural area Jared's love of the natural world has not diminished.


St Louis Community College

In the paralegal program we train to draft legal paperwork, do legal research, interview clients, and anything else related to managing a law office.


0 Projects Completed

While Jared was in the Paralegal Studies Program he attended classes that gave him extensive training on how to draft legal documents and perform important legal research. These are skills that he has used as an independent paralegal. Since graduating college he has worked as a freelancer performing short term contracts for clients locally and over the internet.


1 Projects Completed

This project was a political analysis of contemporary American politics and issues surrounding the 2016 presidential race. In this article Jared gave his opinion on various issues and explained why he felt that way. He also provided evidence to support the claims that he made. The project was completed successfully and the client was satisfied with the results.

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