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Allyssa, or more commonly known as Lys, is a highly passionate person. She has a limited writing experience to only creative writing, her blog, and what she learned while attending college at Madison Media Institute. But don't let her inexperience scare you. Lys likes to put a hundred percent in everything she does. Even with her strong passion in writing. Lys has applied to return to school to get a degree in English and Creative Writing. Also she hopes to one day be able to write articles for major magazines related to music and writing. Maybe even become a best selling author as well.


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Allyssa's knowledge on music is from her personal experiences at concerts and what she has learned in school. She also tends to be honest about her experiences whether the concert had excellent quality, or that the technicians need to go back to school and relearn how to do their jobs. Lys has attended a variety of different kinds of concerts that range from Alternative Rock to Pop. Some she enjoyed and other made her just want her money back.


Allyssa's experience may only be limited to the movies she watches, a few musicals she has attended, and the music she enjoys. She even likes to include the books she reads as a source of entertainment. Lys is still highly passionate about the things she sees and experiences, so don't count her out just yet. Lys is willing to provide honesty and passion in everything she has experienced. She is even shooting to expand her experiences by challenging herself to visit something new when the opportunity arises.

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Lys spends her time, when she isn't writing stories of course, devoting her attention to her blog. On her blog she writes about the books she is reading and what she thinks about them. Even though Allyssa's other passions take up most of her time, she still takes the opportunity to squeeze in a post or two.

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