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Caitlyn has been writing as a hobby since she could understand typing on a keyboard. The majority of her writing exists as Fiction literature, however she has also presented her academic writing at her university's annual graduate and undergraduate symposium. While most of her writing is due to academia, her passion to write drives her forward into new areas of writing.


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With this industry, Caitlyn has worked in reviewing articles and writing summaries that address the main topics for the researcher. With her knowledge of chemistry and animal science she has been able to assist in pulling out the most important ideas and topics to ensure that the primary researcher is adequately informed on their topic.

Product Projects

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This work was done for academia. Caitlyn wrote the paper as a final project, however, her professor suggested the paper for future work and Caitlyn gladly agreed. She worked on the paper doing additional research and submitted the paper to the TAMU-SA symposium for undergraduate and graduate research.

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