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Amber has a passion for writing and the credentials to back that up. Other than writing, her background includes work in the medical field as a CNA, as well as a PTC in Culinary Arts. This diverse background has taught her to be creative, self-motivated, and to think on her feet. She has a blog about her culinary adventures, books she reads, and also some of her personal writing. She is particularly interested in subjects such as: cooking, gardening, poetry, and women's issue, but also enjoys the detail oriented nature of more technical writing and editing, as well.


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Amber attended Culinary school, blogs about her experiences with food, and is an avid foodie. She loves to read and write recipes, as well as test them out. She enjoys writing restaurant reviews, and takes eating and living well seriously! With her formal background, she can speak on the subject of food with confidence and spunk.


Amber has over 10 years of experience in the field of health and healthcare. She holds an active Certified Nurses Assistant license through her home state of Idaho. She has worked with people of all generations, including United States veterans. Some of the situations and care levels she has experienced are dementia care, paraplegic care, wound care, physical therapy, and elder companionship.

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Amber's experience with blog posts has primarily been academic and personal, up to this point. She uses her blog to share her passions of writing (poetry, non-fiction, academic, and otherwise) and cooking with people across the world. In an academic setting, she would often use blogs, wikis, and discussion boards to engage with other students.

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