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Allison is a writer who has ghost written for several content aggregators on a wide variety of topics, ranging from health/fitness, entrepreneurship, business development, marketing, and law. She has helped create authority niche websites for her clients and has also completed a 55,000-word book.


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Industry Projects

  • Legal50+
  • Business10+
  • Health10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Allison has not only written blog posts for law firms in multiple fields (including personal injury, military law, medical malpractice, etc.), but has also helped develop inbound marketing campaigns and provided education that teaches law firms how to approach their clients in the evolving law market.

She writes about current legal events and creates straightforward, practically applicable content focused on attracting and converting prospects in every stage of the buyer's journey.


Although Allison has written for a traditional business audience, she prefers writing to startups and entrepreneurs. Along with tips on developing entrepreneurial skills, she teaches marketing and sales hacks. Apart from business guides she writes about life and productivity hacks, where she focuses on ways to improve work-life balance and stay healthy even while investing heavily in your business.


Allison writes for fitness centers looking to attract new customers, as well as wellness sites looking for diet guides and healthy lifestyle resources.

Educating herself on the latest health and wellness trends is imperative, due to her daily struggle with a chronic autoimmune disease she was diagnosed with at the age of 15. She fights the symptoms through diet and other healthy lifestyle choices.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post50+
  • Presentation50+
  • Email Copy4

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Allison writes engaging, SEO blog posts for her clients that increase traffic, target specific customer profiles, and encourage social sharing.

She has written on a wide range of topics, including health trends, diet guides, tips for entrepreneurs, and writing/editing resources.

Allison is often hired to complete SEO keyword and competitor research as a part of her writing process and implements the results of this analysis into her writing to drive large amounts of traffic from target customers.

Allison has experience writing short lifestyle posts around 500 words, as well as detailed how-to guides over 2,000 words long.


Allison writes technical presentations fit for a board meeting, as well as emotional presentations meant to convert readers to customers.

She has designed graphics, copy, and other resources for the following types of presentations:
Social Media Calendars
Marketing Campaign Proposal
Cost-analysis Presentation/Sales Proposal
Year End Financial Review
Business Proposals

Email Copy

Allison is capable of working on every aspect of an email marketing campaign, from growing an email list through blog posts, landing pages, and targeted opt-ins; to segmenting the list by customer profile and creating targeted copy that guides customers through a sales funnel.

Allison has worked on creating email funnels with multiple goals, including increasing customer engagement, promoting content, and converting an email list into sales.

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