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Candace has been a journalist since 1989. Past positions have included editor, news editor, associate editor, and staff writer. She has been published in magazines and newspapers.
Candace is also an experienced content writer for online sites including eHow Business, eHow Money, Modern Moms, The Nest, WiseGeek and many private clients who need blog material for their sites.
Candace has a special talent for writing entertainment news and has interviewed many celebrities including Johnny Cash and Reba McEntire.
Offered services include business, education, parenting, news and general writing for content writing for online sites, anything needed for print media (with the exception of sports), resume writing, press release writing and assistance with college application essays.


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  • Career100+
  • Education100+
  • Medical100+
  • Legal100+
  • Kids/Family100+

Summary of Industry Experience


Candace has written everything from business profiles to start-up how tos. Examples of topics include human resource concerns, management issues, employee relations, starting small businesses and how to market your business.
As a former owner of a small business employing 17 workers, Candace has a firm grasp on the everyday life and needs of the business owner. Her experience as a journalist allowed her to intermingle with everything from owners of mom and pop shops to CEO's of national companies.


Candace is a trained special education advocate and has written many pieces about special education. She has also written many articles about general education, specific articles about classroom management, motivating students and motivating teachers. In addition, she has written about homeschooling. As the associate editor for the Nashville Parent Magazine, Candace wrote many education stories.


Candace has written many articles about about fitness and diet. In addition, she specializes in content about symptoms, treatments and diseases/disorders. With a focus on healthy lifestyles, Candace hopes to help readers live better and feel better. She also writes about about alternative medicines and preventative lifestyle choices. Blogs about health care and fitness are among her areas of interest.


Candace spent years covering the crime/court beat for her newspaper. Her coverage included police blotters, affidavits, and live court cases. She has also written many articles about the legal aspect of life, including misdemeanor issues and felony issues. Her work includes criminal issues, civil law cases, real estate, landlord-tenant issue and employee/employer legal issues.


Candace's experience in family topics covers everything from pregnancy to college tours. Her past work includes articles on parenting special needs children, setting boundaries and fun family vacations. While writing these articles, Candace was a foster parent, step-parent and biological parent, which gives her an insider's knowledge on parenting. As the associate editor of Nashville Parent Magazine, Candace was tuned in to the importance of guiding parents.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+
  • Press Release50+
  • Book2

Summary of Product Experience


More than 3,000 of Candace's articles have been published in various media types including newspapers, magazines and online. She delivers quality in a timely manner and prides herself on never missing a deadline.

Press Release

Candace has composed press releases for small businesses as well as individuals. Whether announcing a promotion, an opening, or a closing of the doors, she knows how to present each situation in the best possible light.


Currently completing a non-fiction as well as a fiction work.

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