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Camasin is a freelance writer/educator living in Portland, Oregon with her husband and daughter. Currently an English Lit. doctoral candidate and Clark Fellow at Binghamton University, she has an MFA in writing from Columbia University, as well as a BA from Sarah Lawrence College. With a background in academia and publishing, Camasin’s professional scope has included teaching writing and research methods at the university level and working in the editorial departments of such publications as The New Yorker and Narrative Magazine, in addition to her freelance writing. Particular article and copywriting interests include lifestyle, travel, and women's issues. Her work has appeared in Huffington Post, USA Today, FIELD, New England Review, and elsewhere.

She is also interested in yoga, hiking, gardening, nature collecting, and natural history museums.


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Camasin P. has earned ABD status in her PhD in English Language and Literature, with a sub-specialty in feminist topics. She has written several scholarly articles on women's issues in society and literature, for example: “Politeness and Power: Feminine Rhetoric in the Stonor Letters and Papers,” written for the Cornell University, 25th Annual Medieval Studies Colloquium. Camasin also covers the lighter side of the industry, with successful work on such topics as the experience of modern motherhood, health and beauty, and weddings. Camasin's own wedding story was featured on www.ProjectWedding.com, a Martha Stewart acquisition.


Camasin P. is an experienced world traveler, with hundreds of published travel articles, marketing content pieces, reviews, and itineraries. She has special expertise in writing about outdoor adventure travel, eco travel, golf travel, and affordable luxury trips, as well as compiling "best of" and unique "must see" lists on hotels, attractions, and restaurants. She has consistently received high praise from clients in the travel industry for her content marketing blogs for luxury hospitality services. Camasin has particular experience writing about travel in New York, California, Oregon, as well as Eastern and Western Europe. Her travel writing has been featured on such sites as Trails Travel, Golf Link, and USAToday.


Camasin is an experienced health and fitness writer, who has competed in dozens of triathlons, cycling, and road races. As a former varsity athlete with a decade-long yoga practice, she has an understanding of training methods, healthy diets for athletes, functional fitness, and results-based workouts. Her background in research methods and understanding of medical terminology help her to create well-researched and compelling content.

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Blog Post

Camasin P. has consistently received high praise on her blog posts from her high level clients. WIth an expertise in research, Camasin is skilled in quickly getting to know a brand's tone and message, and creating compelling content to complement their goals.

Web Page

Cammy has been active as a copywriter for web pages since 2009. With a background in research and content marketing, Cammy specializes in web copy for creative companies, magazines, and blogs. With ample experience in lifestyle industries (healthy living, wellness, travel, luxury, yoga), Cammy can easily create compelling web copy for your needs.


Camasin P. has authored extensive scholarly, popular, and content marketing articles. With professional experience in academia and research methods, Camasin has a strong record of well-researched, well-documented, and SEO/keyword-optimized articles. She has written widely on topics from historical education, gardening, cultural critique, feminism, motherhood, women's sexuality, and pop culture.

Product Description

The best product descriptions give the reader a feeling of excitement, nostalgia, or hope for the future, rather than only describe the details of a product. Camasin P. can confidently write product descriptions in all areas of fashion, beauty, skin care, wellness, books, home decor, gardening, and others.

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