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Belinda has been writing since she could spell out words and telling stories before that. She enjoys writing both fiction and nonfiction, to include working on her new freelance writing career.

She has written dozens of articles and blog posts for satisfied customers through three content providers. Her work has been appreciated and highlighted on several occasions.

Belinda worked in the home office of a large property/casualty insurer in the 1980's, working her way through several departments to include accounting and quality assurance (where she tested computer programming modifications). Later, she obtained her life and health insurance license and began selling insurance in an agency specializing in insurance for the elderly. She also worked for more than two years in an insurance call center selling health insurance and providing customer service to callers.

In between her insurance and accounting positions, Belinda held a variety of jobs. These included working as a line worker assembling cell phones, selling cars, and handling the employee benefits for a large community college system in Indiana.

Of course, those were only Belinda's day jobs. Her true love has always been writing. Belinda is currently building her career as a freelance writer and having a blast doing what she loves.


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Summary of Industry Experience


With Belinda's many years of experience in the insurance industry, articles and blog posts in this field are her number one specialty. She has the ability and knowledge to write on subjects ranging from personal to business insurance, to include property/casualty and life and health coverage. These topics have been covered from three separate viewpoints: insurance company or agent, customer, and employer.


Belinda has written several blog posts for legal clients of an international content provider. Her posts are well received with a high level of customer satisfaction. Topics have included current legal news, bankruptcy information, and personal injury issues. She greatly enjoys the research and writing in this field.

She excels at taking complex subjects and breaking them down to a level that people outside the legal field can understand. Most articles written on legal topics are written with the authoritative voice, such as an attorney might use.


With two small grandchildren in her household, Belinda is always searching for entertainment and crafting ideas. She loves to share the information and knowledge she gathers with other parents and grandparents in the form of articles and blog posts. Her writing in this area is generally lighthearted and fun.

She also loves to share travel and camping tips for families with small children, as well as fun destinations that the whole family will enjoy. These destinations are sometimes found in the great state of Indiana, sometimes they are highlights of past family vacations, while others were simply researched as fun places to take the grandchildren in the future.

Product Projects

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  • Article10+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Belinda has written dozens of blog posts for various clients of an international content provider. Her list of satisfied clients is growing with the site on a daily basis. If you are looking for quality SEO driven posts to get new traffic or higher rankings in the search engines, give Belinda a try.


Belinda has written dozens of articles both for her own purposes and for clients. Articles have covered such topics as crafting, camping, entertaining children, fitness, health issues, and how-to instructional pieces. She truly enjoys writing in a variety of categories and finds research fascinating and exciting. Belinda views each new article as an opportunity to learn something new.

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