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Emily Morgan is currently faculty at a community college where she has been teaching writing for 8 years. As a writing teacher, she has become a master writer herself. She constantly writes and covers a wide variety of topics, including those that she is actively involved and interested in, and those that are less familiar to her. No matter her level of knowledge of the subject, she is a capable researcher and is able to craft interesting and engaging writings.


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Emily Morgan has worked within the higher education field for the past 10 years. Her specific field of instruction is composition and literature. But in addition to her knowledge of composition, she is well-versed in all aspects of education as she has kept up with research for professional development. She reads widely on subjects applying to education, including higher education, general education, and K-12 schools.


Emily Morgan has been studying the nutrition field for the past 11 years. Her interest began when her physician recommended she go gluten-free. At that time, gluten-free was new and she found herself reading everything she could find to understand this new way of living. After mastering the fundamentals of gluten-free, her interest expanded to all the ways that we can increase our health through nutrition. She is an enthusiastic home cook and likes to apply all she’s learned to herself.


Emily Morgan has been studying the field of health for the past 11 years. Her interest began with her own health struggles and the sudden need to switch to a gluten-free diet. After mastering that, she became interested in fitness and then in yoga. Life always provides more experiences, so Emily has found her experience of all aspects of the health field deepening as she has needed to learn about a variety of topics. Emily has not allowed her experiences with health to be only what a doctor says, instead she is an avid reader and has sought her own answers, and in the process she has gained some expertise.

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Emily Morgan began a personal blog in 2008 to document her time and tell stories of life in a new city. As time went on, the nature of the blog changed, shifting to less personal and work focused stories and into a primary focus on book reviews. Sometimes the authors have even stopped by to comment. A year later, as Emily’s interest in nutrition grew, she began a food blog. She documented her changing food habits and shared recipes and her modifications of recipes.

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