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In the time Johanna U. has been in the human services field, she has worked with children and adults of all ages, with a variety of mental health concerns. She has worked both in group homes and with in-home service organizations, providing those services to teenagers, elementary age children, adults, and adults with developmental disabilities. She is currently working as a Student Support Counselor at a local community college, providing student assistance to those with exceptional needs. For the last seven years she has co-authored two highly respected, industry recognized blogs centering around books being made into movies/television shows. The last two and a half years, Johanna U. has been serving her country as an officer with the Army National Guard, in addition to her other work responsibilities.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Johanna U. has co-authored two blogs for the past six years. With 'The Host Movie News', she was one of two authors for the entire site. The blog was recognized by the author of the book, as well as the main actors of the film adaptation. Both authors were honored for their work by being invited to an early screening of the film with, meeting the main actors and author after the screening, and invited to be press at the Red Carpet Premiere in Los Angeles for the movie. The second blog, 'Outlander TV News' has also been recognized by both the production company and actors and production crew for the television series. Johanna U. and her co-authors (four others for this site to this date) have been regularly invited to participate in exclusive press events for the show. Johanna U., in particular, was included in an exclusive event held during New York Comic Con, because of her work with the site. Johanna U. has also written for The MacGuffin (another online entertainment blog) on similar topics as the above mentioned, being sent as press to the New York Comic Con in October of 2013 on their behalf.

Consumer Goods

Johanna U. has been a conscientious consumer all of her life, and is dedicated to educating other consumers, as well. Recently, she has sold pieces regarding how to select the best carpeting, current summer carpet design trends, selection and customization of wedding favors, the importance of regular vehicle maintenance, and the benefits of using a pad printing process over other forms of printing (such as screen printing).


Johanna U. has been a world traveler since birth, and has always had an appreciation for a variety of cultures and travel experiences. Recently, she has been hired to rewrite several itinerary pages for a travel company, to help streamline their website content and make it more appealing to their customers.

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Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Johanna U. has co-authored two blogs for the past six years. 'The Host Movie News' and 'Outlander TV News' have both run for around three years a piece, consecutively. Both blogs have received industry recognition by those working on the adaptation (namely the production companies), as well as the authors of the books. Both sites have also received a significant readership which contributed to their recognition by the production companies. 'Outlander TV News' continues to grow in popularity both through readership, as well as through its social media presence on Twitter and Facebook. Johanna U. has also written articles for 'The Macguffin' (another online entertainment blog) as a guest writer. Johanna U. has written various types of articles, such as reporting on articles others have published to keep her readership informed (and of course siting the source appropriately), announcements of information/photos/videos at the production company's request, film reviews, and episode recaps/reviews, to name just a few. Johanna U. has worked with WordPress through the three blogs she has written for.


Johanna U. has had experience with advertising and encouraging consumers to take part in products or services offered by companies she works for over the last 15 years. Regardless of the industry, even public sector institutions (like the higher education system) need to promote their services in the best light to increase success and revenue. Johanna U. prides herself on being able to promote these products and services while still being honest and fair to the consumer. She has recently sold two articles in this writing style, for companies trying to sell a product/service to their consumers.

Web Page

Johanna U. has been paid recently to assist with rewriting webpages originally created by another author, but not quite meeting the needs of the company. She reviewed the information included in the original webpages, reviewed the new format the company was requesting the webpages to be presented in - as well as their concerns with the previous format/content - and provided the company with page rewrites that pleased them and fit what they were looking for on their itinerary pages.

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