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Jordania has experience in writing press releases, blog articles, social media content and copywriting. Much of her experience was gained while working in Public Relations and Marketing firms as a PR and Digital Marketing Specialist. In addition to working in agency settings, she has experience working hands-on in the retail and food/industry business. Her knowledge of these fields have come in handy when writing topics pertaining to these lines of work.

Excelling in writing content that is easily digestible and articulate, Jordania has a solid understanding of how to break down material that is otherwise complicated, and turn it into a fluent and crisp language. She also relishes in researching topics that she isn't well-informed in and turning her findings into conversational pieces that are accurate, thorough and all-encompassing.

Jordania holds two bachelor's degrees from Northern Arizona University in Public Relations and Advertising with a minor in Electronic Media and Film. She currently lives on the road with her fiancé who travels for work.


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Industry Projects

  • Food10+
  • Marketing10+
  • Fashion8
  • Health5

Summary of Industry Experience


In 2012, Jordania had 3 clients who worked for the restaurant business that she wrote for on a consistent basis. She regularly generated blog articles, press releases and intriguing social media content for the companies. Her love of food and the hospitality industry is on display through her detailed, emphatic writing.


Having previously worked in a marketing firm, Jordania has a unique standpoint that clearly shows through her writing on topics in digital marketing. She has written eBooks and blogs on marketing topics that performed above average. Additionally, she holds a certification in Inbound Marketing through HubSpot that is a display of her advanced intellect in the subject matter.


Jordania has written website copy, blog articles and social media content for several fashion companies. Working hands-on in the fashion industry has benefited immensely in this area of expertise. She knows the ins and outs of the business, giving her the ability to write authentic material that displays an obvious knowledge of the field.


Jordania has had previous clients ranging from an Orthopedic surgeon to a medical evacuation company. She's written material regarding new invasive surgeries, medical repatriation and knee replacements. She enjoys researching medical topics, especially medical breakthroughs and valuable health information, and turning her research into content that readers can appreciate and understand.

Product Projects

  • Press Release10+
  • Blog Post10+
  • Advertisement10+

Summary of Product Experience

Press Release

Jordania has strategically written press releases for a variety of fields and topics. She's written press releases for the hospitality industry, health, legal, real estate and educational fields. Being a Public Relations major, she knows the ins and outs of press releases and is comfortable and fluent when writing them.

Blog Post

Jordania has written many blog posts for a variety of clients. She is aware that blog posts have a more casual tone than articles and displays this well through her writing. Jordania has written blog posts for various topics including fashion and beauty, health, real estate and legal sites.


In addition to holding a degree in advertising, Jordania has written copy for a variety of fields ranging from health and wellness to marketing to collectibles. She has also created an entire advertising plan for a previous client, KIA focusing on the model KIA Sportage. The extensive client book she created consisted of positioning statements, focus group questions and answers, positioning statements, creative strategy, media plan and creative executions.

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