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Kathy began her writing career as a newspaper reporter and assistant editor for a local county newspaper, the Jackson-County Times Journal. While working at the paper, she wrote pieces covering a wide variety of topics including business, crime, society and politics. Currently, she writes full time as a freelance writer specializing in SEO and web content. Her areas of expertise include beauty, health, finance, home and family, and real estate. Kathy has also researched and written hundreds of other topics and considers herself a well-rounded writer. She has the capability to write expert content on just about any topic.


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Industry Projects

  • Beauty1,000+
  • Fashion1,000+
  • Health100+

Summary of Industry Experience


A highly-trained cosmetologist with an active license in two states, Kathy has salon experience spanning two decades. She uses her expertise in the exciting, ever-changing beauty industry to write engaging, compelling, and authoritative articles, blogs and eBooks. She has written hundreds, if not thousands, of beauty-related pieces to date and is considered an expert in this field.


Kathy has written hundreds of fashion/beauty articles for top-ranking websites and private clients. She has also written several eBooks on this subject as well.


Kathy has written several health articles for leading health websites and private clients as well. Topics covered include mental health issues, health and well being, sleep disorders, nutrition and weight loss, and diseases and disorders.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+
  • Blog Post50+

Summary of Product Experience


Kathy has written thousands of internet articles covering a wide variety of topics ranging from home improvement to beauty and health.

Blog Post

Kathy has ghostwritten for several bloggers on subjects including real estate, beauty and self help.

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