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Reid started as a coder in the late 90s, moved into Sales Engineering in the late 2000s, and worked up to VP level in the early 2010's.

Now he is bootstrapping his own education-oriented business while spending some time doing freelance writing jobs to defray costs and keep his communication skills sharp.

Reid an excellent writer, especially of persuasive content. He always begins with the "Why?"

He is extremely technical, well versed in nerd culture, and passionate about disrupting the current educational system, ESPECIALLY as it pertains to its failure to start with the "Why?" — and the related systemic and cultural issues that continue to stack the deck against our girls.


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Reid is the founder of Little Ms. Crate, a subscription service that delivers fun, career-themed crates full of information and activities that introduce 5-10-year-old girls to careers and role models in STEM and Leadership. Little Ms. Crate ran a successful Kickstarter campaign Nov/Dec 2015 and is now live, delivering original, inspirational content to girls in several countries every other month.


As one of the first software engineering hires into a software startup in 2007, Reid concluded after about 8 months that the product was good enough that customers should be buying it. Since they weren't, he moved into the Sales organization as the company's first Sales Engineer in order to work on that problem. 6 years later Reid was VP of that organization, having built it into a globally-distributed 20 person team. Along the way, he was personally involved in deals that generated $15 million in annual revenue. Reid has written hundreds of technical and persuasive documents such as Business Value Statements, Proof-of-Concept Scope Definitions, Technical Architecture Proposals, Business Proposals, and Implementation Plans. That's to say nothing of the literally thousands of presentations he's built and delivered along the way.

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As the solopreneur behind Little Ms. Crate, Reid has written every last line of copy on littlemscrate.com — as well as the project description and updates that lead to the successful Kickstarter campaign, search engine and social media advertisements, and the social media updates that have built a 14,000+ person following for the company.

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