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Natalie H. brings seventeen years of experience writing for educational and non-profit organizations. Assignments include blogs, articles, newsletters, brochures, web site copy, and training manuals. With her roots in journalism, Natalie has interviewed numerous subjects for lengthy feature articles, biographical sketches, and succinct news flashes. She has written and published dozens of articles in educational publications, and she has been the lead writer for four organizations’ regular newsletters. Natalie wrote and edited training manuals for two organizations, enabling each organization to establish operational consistency amidst employee turnover and across geographically separated locations. Organizations use her work for community engagement, communication, advertising, training, and fundraising purposes.

Natalie's professional work in the nonprofit sector focused on family literacy. A former teacher and writing tutor, Natalie's work as a Program Director and grant writer for a Hawaii non-profit literacy organization earned her a Commendation from Hawaii's Lieutenant Governor. While in Hawaii, Natalie worked closely with high-need public schools to bring them effective reading programs, and under her leadership, programs doubled and expanded to four islands. She is knowledgeable in non-profit program development, volunteer recruitment and training, skills and strategies for improving reading habits in the home and school, and bridging relationships between the home and school.

Natalie H. also established herself as a successful grant writer. She was the lead writer and co-writer of numerous grants, helping to raise the organization $1.1 million in funds. Natalie also wrote and edited numerous fundraising letters. She attracted potential donors by incorporating the organization’s tangible impact results and hard evidence into relatable stories that appeal to potential donors.

A military wife, Natalie is flexible and skilled in adapting to unpredictable circumstances. She is focused and driven, and her superiors commonly remark on her dedication, diligence, and determination. If you hire her, you will be pleased to receive an experienced writer who can meet your organization's needs with a quality product.
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Blogs, newsletters, articles, brochures, web copy, copywriting


Non-profits, education, kids and family, literacy, books, reading, reading aloud, creative writing, non-profit program development, military and military family issues


University of Dayton

Natalie earned her Bachelor's degree from the University of Dayton in 2002. During her studies, she distinguished herself as one of the English Department's strongest students, often being referred to tutor struggling students in college writing courses. She also was one of the few English students recommended to work at the University's Public Relations office, where she wrote for numerous university periodicals. Natalie participated in the university's CORE program, where her writing earned her the Award for Excellence in Interdisciplinary Integration. Natalie graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2002.

DePaul University

Natalie H. earned her Master's Degree in English from DePaul University. While at DePaul, Natalie was selected to be the Graduate Assistant for the University's Office of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment, where she was tasked with numerous projects researching teaching and learning issues. She also wrote and edited the Office's newsletter, and she participated in developing programs to strengthen the teaching of writing across the curriculum. She distinguished herself from her peers in the English Department by being one of the few to opt to write a thesis in addition to taking the required Comprehensive Exam. Her thesis studied the work of contemporary Irish playwright Marina Carr, and she was selected to present her research at the premier conference for Irish studies, the International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures, which convened in Prague in 2005. Natalie graduated "With Distinction" from DePaul in 2005.

Non Profit

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Currently, Natalie is a regular ghost-blogger for MobileServe, a tech company Natalie found right here at WriterAccess. Each week, Natalie pitches ideas and writes blogs that focus on nonprofits, volunteerism, and related issues. She stays up to date on current research and trends in the nonprofit sector, and she is developing a keen interest in the coming of age of Generation Z.

Natalie's work for MobileServe taps into her professional experience working directly in the nonprofit sector. Once an AmeriCorps volunteer, Natalie later spent seven years as a Program Director and consultant for Read Aloud America, a Hawaii-based nonprofit literacy organization. There, she established herself as a successful writer, among many other tasks. Writing projects included grants, newsletters, and technical manuals. She was the lead writer and co-writer of numerous grants, helping to raise the organization $1.1 million in funds. Natalie also wrote and edited fundraising letters, in which she attracted potential donors by incorporating tangible impact results and hard evidence into relatable stories that appeal to potential donors. To attract potential donors and inspire community members, Natalie revitalized RAA’s newsletters, redesigning their image and streamlining their production. Articles included human interest stories from RAA’s work, facts and figures of RAA’s events, and descriptions of resources useful to readers. Finally, Natalie also enabled RAA’s geographically separated offices to operate seamlessly, as she implemented, wrote, and edited several operations manuals.


31 Projects Completed

Natalie has extensive experience writing newsletters for educational organizations. Natalie designs her newsletters to include three essential components: feature stories to highlight important programs and/or human interest stories; succinct reports on organizational achievements and/or advancement; useful resources and tips relevant to the organization and its audience.


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Natalie is a regular contributor to Military Spouse Magazine, and she is the author of "Going Placidly", a blog reflecting on military life. Both for the magazine and in her blog, Natalie discusses the challenges, struggles, triumphs, and adventures that a military family experiences, and she offers strategies and tips to help families cope with military life in a positive, healthy way.

Blog Post

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Natalie H. is a blogger in her personal life and her professional life. As a military wife, Natalie established the blog “Going Placidly,” which offers a positive perspective on life in the military. Having been “married to the military” for over eleven years, Natalie knows first-hand the many challenges and surprises that such a life brings. Frequent moves, deployments, and unpredictability can cause unusual stress in families, in marriages, and in oneself. When Natalie began “Going Placidly,” she sought to provide other spouses a respite and source of comfort. In her posts, she reflects with optimism on the challenges, lessons, and experiences that are unique to military life.

Natalie has a keen understanding of what type of content audiences want to read, and she works diligently with her clients to make sure that their needs are met.


36 Projects Completed

While working at Read Aloud America, a Hawaii-based non-profit literacy organization, Natalie H. wrote and co-wrote dozens of grants, which earned the organization $1.1 million in funds. To prepare a worthy grant proposal, Natalie researches a potential donor's funding habits, is comfortable speaking with potential donors about an organization's chances for funding, and is skillful in writing proposals that combine hard statistics and relatable connections. Natalie specializes in grants for literacy and education-related organizations.


21 Projects Completed

Natalie H. has written articles for numerous publications, and she is familiar with AP Style. The majority of her pieces appeared in University of Dayton publications, and they focused on three primary topics: educational programs at the university; profiles of prominent individuals; and feature articles of relevant events and initiatives. It was here that her roots grew in journalism, and she applied these skills to later professional projects in education and non-profit work. Natalie is effective in informing and engaging her readers with well written, entertaining articles. She has a knack for drawing out details from her subjects, dissecting their importance for the subject at hand, and - perhaps most importantly - relating them to the reader. Natalie's articles show the reader why he or she should care.

Newsletter Content

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Natalie H. has written newsletter content for four organizations over fifteen years. She understands that newsletters are meant to serve three important purposes: 1) Entertain, 2) Inform, and 3) Inspire. Natalie is skilled at sleuthing out and highlighting small stories that celebrate organizations' major efforts. Such stories grab readers' attention and offer them an emotional connection, which motivates them to continue supporting the organization. While Natalie is skilled in delivering such human interest stories, she is also a whiz with words, and can easily convey short, pithy blurbs or bullets that cater to the skimmer.

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