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Since his days of elementary school, Luke's always preferred the "dreaded" writing prompts to a traditional test. He has a weird fascination with the English language as he's always been successful with transcribing what's in his head and putting it down on paper in a fluid and vivid manner. Growing up in a household run by a teacher caused him to turn into a perfectionist with his school work; something he would later in life thank his mother for instilling in him. If his handwriting didn't look good enough on an assignment, he would be forced to write it again.

Since he's reached the point in his life that some of his peers refer to as a "quarter-life-crisis," Luke's become more confident, energetic and eager than ever before. Through a multitude of experiences in his educational and professional career - working in corporate America and as a musician - he's gained the necessary skills and confidence to continue working as a freelance writer. It's what he's truly passionate about and loves spending time doing. He has a lot of experience writing about the world of fitness, music and sports. Luke's on WriterAccess to further his skills and career as a freelance writer and editor.


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Over the past several years, sports has been slowly becoming Luke's new love. Between his hours spent researching fantasy football, baseball, basketball, and watching sports television (games, talk shows, etc.), he's become quite the "expert" in this field. Luke got his start by editing and providing content articles to lower-level industry websites and he hopes to continue his progress and eventually make his way to the more well-known companies.

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Luke has spent the last five years playing in and developing his band, Leaving Haven. The band has seen major success over the years, allowing Luke to step in and push the project through major social media marketing tactics. This has allowed him to dive deeper into the underlying trends of social media and earn a great understanding of what works and how - as it pertains to artists, bands, and musicians in the music/entertainment industry.

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