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Lorri has lived one eclectic life. She is a self-proclaimed "autodidact" and research is to her as an amusement park is to a child. It is a joy for her. She has researched too many topics to list here. She has lived through many careers, including being a Cryptologic Technician in the CINCLANTFLT command.(US Navy) She was also a long-term postal worker, a firefighter for 6 years, and an ICU/ER Registered Nurse in the State of Alabama. Finally, after a debilitating bout with MRSA and two months on a ventilator, she became unable to perform her beloved profession, nursing. She had been freelancing on-the-side since shortly after high school and is now a published journalist and copywriter.

Creative writing is her first love, however, to support herself while she writes, she has worked as a freelance content producer since 2008. In this capacity, she writes blog posts for businesses, white papers, journalistic articles, copywriting, and many other writing assignments. She is an experienced academic writer, having ghost-written college-level papers for several clients, throughout her college and freelance career.

She is a published journalist, with six articles published on the (now defunct) Website Conservative Push Coalition. She intends to expand her journalistic exploits greatly. She is also preparing to write a novel, but it is in the brainstorming stage at this time.
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