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Rowenavera S
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White Bluff, TN
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Rowena has been a web content writer and independently published author since the end of 2013. She is experienced in crafting entertaining, well researched, tightly written content for a variety of projects. These include advertising copy, ghostwritten blog posts, fiction, and web site and online magazine content. She has a Master's Degree in Speech Language Pathology, a field that involves a wide variety of studies touching on technical devices, physics, human anatomy, psychology, and social work.

Two years' copywriting experience creating content blogs, online magazines, websites, and print advertising.
Efficient at research, writing informal and technical pieces, and meeting deadlines.
Excellent command of the English language, grammar, and can write and cite in APA style if needed.
Can adopt a variety of voices for the piece, from humorous to casual to technical.
Experienced with Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and the Adobe Creative Suite.

• website content
• product descriptions
• advertising copy
• fundraising campaigns
• push pages
• ghostwriting for blogs
• e-magazine articles
• author's bios
• back cover copy

Rowena's primary industries are:
• bio/pharm
• consumer goods
• education
• fitness
• hospitality
• home living
Blog Post
Consumer Goods
Web Page
Product Description
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Website content including:
• product descriptions
• push pages
• e-magazine articles
• blog posts
• call to action
• how-to articles

Miscellaneous web content including:
• advertising copy
• fundraising campaigns
• revising translated content


Travel, recreational activities, real estate, entertainment, pop culture, technology, scientific research, home and garden, cooking and diet, fitness, small business concerns, news and politics.


Tennessee State University

Speech-Language Pathology is the study of prevention, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment options for speech, language, communication, and swallowing disorders in people of all ages.

University of Memphis

Speech-Language Pathology is the study of prevention, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment options for speech, language, communication, and swallowing disorders in people of all ages.


70 Projects Completed

Rowena has written numerous articles on physical and mental wellness. She focuses on self-empowerment at all stages of the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery cycle. This includes the patient educating themselves about their illness and expressing their needs to their healthcare team. It may also include exploring traditional and alternative treatments, pain management, and taking a long-term and holistic perspective on health.


52 Projects Completed

Rowena is an experienced travel blogger. She has written for both personal and commercial projects including web sites, travel magazines, camping gear sellers, and more. She specializes in reviews of resorts, hotels, restaurants, and local attractions. She has also researched and written travel guides for a variety of exotic locations tailored toward audiences of many different ages and socio-economic classes.


51 Projects Completed

Rowena loves to write light-hearted yet thoroughly researched articles about all forms of media entertainment. She has written celebrity speculation articles, reviews for novels and television show débuts, and comparisons of a band's albums. She has also written more critical pieces examining how culture is influenced by media, for example the increasing diversity on screen and how it reflects a more tolerant society.

Consumer Goods

38 Projects Completed

Rowena has worked for a number of small businesses, producing advertising copy and catalog descriptions for consumer goods and services. This includes:
• furniture descriptions
• energy efficient upgrades for HVAC systems
• motivate-to-purchase blog posts and articles
• product descriptions and comparisons
• technical guides
• recommended product lists and holiday/birthday gift guides


33 Projects Completed

Rowena has worked on projects for hospitality industries from coast to coast, including:

• nationally recognized chains
• family-run local businesses
• bed and breakfast lodges
• themed and niche markets
• cruise lines
• travel and wedding destinations

She has created compelling and elegantly blog posts for these businesses, highlighting the beautiful locations, courteous staff, and the customer experiences available. Rowena has also created informational pamphlets and advertisement for seasonal specials at these locations.


31 Projects Completed

Rowena writes technology articles and product reviews for people like herself: savvy consumers willing to take a risk on exciting, time-saving devices. She has written abstract articles exploring coming technology trends, how-to pieces on successfully adopting tech to solve the challenges of day-to-day life, and product descriptions that lay out the device's specifications in a clear, approachable style.


17 Projects Completed

Rowena draws on her long background in the public and higher education system to write with humor and insight about a variety of subjects including challenges for students and educators. She has written:
• guides for more effective study habits
• learning tips for special needs students, their families, and their educators
• learning disability management, from causes to strategies for reducing the disability's effect on the child's educational development

Blog Post

324 Projects Completed

Rowena has ghostwritten a blogs for a wide array of businesses, from financial advice gurus to travelogues to locksmithing services. She is talented at adopting a writing style and tone to fit into the blog. She can write 'friendly professional' pieces, more academic blog posts, and 'funny and casual' work.

Product Description

52 Projects Completed

Rowena has written numerous product descriptions for everything from furniture to camping supplies to pet care products. She is talented at crafting descriptions that underscore the product's strengths and technical specifications. She has also written product descriptions with a subtle sales emphasis that guides the reader to imagining how the product can improve their life without crossing the line to an overt sales pitch.


50 Projects Completed

Rowena has spent years honing her talent for creating attention-grabbing and appealing advertising copy for a variety of businesses, from big box retailers to family-run specialized shops and even hobbyists selling their expertly made handicrafts on peer-to-peer e-commerce sites. In the last six months, she has written:

• advertisement for an HVAC company offering a seasonal special for equipment installation
• a series of ads featuring rotating store specials as the retailer 'counts down' to a major holiday sale
• playful and eye-catching advertising for children's toys
• an ad to run in a travel-centered e-magazine, highlighting the experience of a wellness weekend at a yoga retreat

Web Page

42 Projects Completed

Rowena is experienced with creating web page content for a variety of businesses. She has written landing pages, About Us, Frequently Asked Questions, Our Business in the News, product overviews, push pages, email list signup pages, and more. She can weave occasionally dry business information together into an easy-to-read and engaging format.

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