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Thomas is employed as a full-time content writer at a New York digital marketing firm. He writes search engine optimized (SEO) blogs and website copy for clients, including a professional lacrosse team, an insurance company and an IT firm. Previously, he served as a staff reporter at two New York City newspapers. He also earned a Master of Science degree from New York University in public relations and corporate communication.


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For more than a year, Thomas has been writing the team blog for a New York professional lacrosse team. During this time, he has posted one to two blogs a week on team updates and lacrosse tips for youth players, parents and coaches.


Since January 2015, Thomas has written one or two blogs per week on a variety of marketing topics, including strategy and search engine optimization.


While employed as a staff writer at a New York City newspapers, Thomas regularly wrote articles about city, state and labor union politics.

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Thomas has written articles for print and online publications for more than five years on topics ranging from crime to sports to politics and everything in between.

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Since January 2015, Thomas has written about five or six blogs per week for a digital marketing agency. He also optimizes and posts all these blogs.

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As a part of his job as a full-time digital content writer, Thomas has written website copy for a real estate firm, an accounting firm and an insurance company.

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