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As an independent public relations and marketing professional with over 10 years experience implementing all aspects of PR strategy, Kellianne has helped clients/organizations launch cruise ships (Princess Cruises), revolutionize skin care (Biore) and do good (grassroots, non-profit fundraising for local communities).

Whether it's dreaming up an editorial hook for a new product launch, creating compelling press kit copy and clever "slice of life" blog content to speech/script writing, Kellianne will hit the ball out of the park every time. Through it all, she is and always will be, a writer; a painter of the written word. One, who uses phrasing and copy to construct new worlds, convey bright ideas and create a lasting impression in the mind of the reader.


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"Been There" is a column that was written for the "Wilton Bulletin," a weekly community newspaper. "Been There" offers readers the sage wisdom and point of view of someone who has been in the parental trenches and lived to tell about it.

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"The Minivan Monologues" is blog about life, love and sex in the suburbs. Whatever you do, don't call it a "mommy blog!"

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