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Lori has been working as a freelance writer for about a year, but her experience with writing goes much further back. Even when she was in grade school she loved writing and could be found outside on the playground during recess with a notebook and a pen, scribbling away. At University, she studied rhetoric with a concentration in creative writing and worked for her school’s newspaper, and completed an editing internship. Some of her short stories were even published in the school’s literary magazine Montage.

After taking a CELTA course she moved to Chile for a year. Traveling was a life changing experience that spurred her to follow her dreams of writing and traveling at the same time. She has expert knowledge about traveling, and many of the adventure sports she’s tried while making her way around South America.

She also enjoys writing about psychology and health and wellness and has worked as a ghostwriter for Sovereign Health. As a vegetarian and avid jogger, she’s very health conscious herself. Although she doesn’t have any formal training in medical writing, she managed health care and pension benefits for a year for Mercer. More importantly, health and wellness writing is interesting and important to her because her family has had a history of mental and health issues.

Although these topics are especially interesting, Lori loves learning so enjoys writing about almost anything. In the past, she has also written about home renovations and construction, video games, online marketing, and product reviews.
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Lori specializes in writing about health and wellness and travel.
See her portfolio at https://loribellfreelance.wordpress.com/ for samples.


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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

While studying at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Lori double majored in rhetoric (with a concentration in creative writing) and history, and still graduated a semester early with a 3.7/4.0 gpa. She also wrote for her school's newspaper, radio station, and completed an editing internship with a local publishing company, Electronic Publishing Services, Inc.


4 Projects Completed

She has created over 20 articles about mental health and substance abuse/addiction for Sovereign Health. The project is paused but ongoing. She also has completed projects about the importance of certain vitamins, alternative medicine, diabetes diet, and hearing loss.


3 Projects Completed

As an avid and lifelong traveler, Lori actively seeks out adventure and also writes about it. She is working on 3 ongoing projects right now, for which she has written over 25 articles related to adventure sports around the world, descriptions of properties in Hawaii as well as information about travel in Hawaii, and about hiking, camping, and health in British Columbia.

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6 Projects Completed

Lori has written catchy and informative blogs with a lighthearted voice about travel, health tips, pregnancy, and current issues.


5 Projects Completed

She has written over 100 articles about mental health and substance abuse, hearing loss, and adventure sports for various projects, some of which are still ongoing.

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2 Projects Completed

Lori is working on an ongoing project in which she has written over 50 product reviews and descriptions for sleep aids, walk-in bathtubs, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, home security systems,hearing aids, and many other services, products, and companies.

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