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Aaron is a graduate educated professional psychotherapist. Aaron has worked at a variety of outpatient settings, from public mental health centers to hospitals where he has counseled people in various stages of crises and psychiatric conditions. He ran a successful private practice in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. and has maintained a professional blog since 2010, writing about anxiety, depression, anger and stress management and how to build psychological resilience. Besides his professional blog, he has written various mental health related articles for Medium and a popular digital nomad site, as well as answering psychology related questions on Quora. He currently runs an online consultancy site and is writing his first self-help book.

Aaron enjoys researching and writing articles on anything to do with human behavior and community.


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101 Projects Completed

Aaron specializes in writing blog posts for the healthcare, medical, self-help and personal development industries.

Industry Projects

  • Legal20+
  • Health20+
  • Self Help10+
  • Travel10+
  • Medical7

Summary of Industry Experience


Aaron has written several blog posts for various law practices around the United States. Aaron can create content that is catered to your unique law practice.


Aaron has written various health articles for both local and national publications. Aaron writes health articles and blog posts that are interesting and informative without being dry and overly complex.

Self Help

Aaron has written several self-help and other personal development blog posts and articles for other web sites over the years. The content has been timely, well-researched and informative.


Aaron has written several pieces about traveling, moving and global tourism pieces that have received high marks from his employer.


Aaron was paid by a CEO of a large digital nomad lifestyle company to write a lengthy article about the psychological drawbacks of long term travel and entrepreneurship. The article included personal experiences as well as clinical research gathered by Aaron during the project. Aaron has written numerous blog posts and articles on mental health and travel; as well as anxiety, depression, building psychological resilience, stress management and personal development for various formats.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+
  • Article20+
  • Book1

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Aaron specializes in writing blog posts for the healthcare, medical, self-help and personal development industries.


Aaron has written a wide variety of articles; such as listicles and how-to articles on a variety of content. He is excellent at researching a subject and writing fresh, evergreen content.


Aaron is in the process of writing his first self-help book. The book will consist of his experiences, narratives of his clients experiences and recent clinical research about building resilience. The book will consist of over 65,000 words when completed. Aaron has combined his years of experience in psychotherapy, psychology and personal development to craft this unique self-help book.

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