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Whitney’s career as a writer is young, but that doesn’t detract from her exceptional ability. She is the sole contributor to her own blog at www.mrs-ravers.com/blog, which is where she gets most of her experience. She also writes on a variety of topics for various blogging and writing platforms across the internet.


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After graduation, Whitney found herself chin deep in family. Married with a son and another on the way, she decided that joining the workforce was not the best way to meet her family’s needs. Besides, she didn’t want to spend her time making someone else rich off of her ability and expertise. So she created a business. And with the knowledge she gained in that endeavor she began helping educate others on how to be successful. Below is an excerpt from a piece she contributed regarding analytics and CRM data integration.


Whitney graduated from Indiana University-Bloomington with a degree in kinesiology. An important part of her education as a health and fitness specialist was field practice. As an undergraduate Whitney honed her skills with varying communities, from obese youth to peak college athletes to the elderly.


Whitney is a woman who breaks the mold, simply by refusing to define herself by the social constructs and expectations of others. She is a mother and a wife, but she is also an entrepreneur and a competitive martial artist. While many women feel the need to choose between traditional values and liberation, Whitney has found that self-definition is the key to a happy marriage between personal relationships and personal care.

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Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Whitney is adept at developing engaging blog posts. As an entrepreneur, Whitney has found that educating consumers on the value of her products through regular additions to her blog. But writing isn’t enough. Knowing what kinds of content will speak to readers, as well as how to tie that content back to your product, is key to operating a useful blog.

Product Description

Whitney has a knack for product description. She seems to know just what customers want to hear. In her own practice she tends toward a warm, somewhat resonant tone to match the earthy purity of her products. That isn’t right for everyone, however. Below is an excerpt from a promotional piece she wrote describing lab equipment.

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