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Kelly has been a professional writer since graduating from College in 2007. She worked as an editor for several online news publications both nationally and locally. But she soon decided that she wanted to write and began working as a freelance writer. As a freelance writer she has gained experience writing about a vast array of topics and in a vast array of styles.
She has experience writing website copy, blog posts and literary study guides.
She has also written articles on technology, business development and music news, just to name a few.
Almost any topic you can imagine, she has written about it.
She is very good at translating technical and difficult language into easily understood terms.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Kelly has written hundreds of literary study guides for college and high school level. She is an expert in the field of literature and enjoys digging into a good book and extracting all of the symbolism, metaphors, themes and meanings. She also enjoys helping others come to a full understanding and love of literature.

Kelly has also written articles and blogs about education itself aimed at various readerships including teachers, parents, professors and academics.


Kelly has written many articles about beauty and tools of beauty. She is an accomplished beauty blog and article writer and is familiar with all topics related to beauty.


Kelly vast experience writing blogs and articles about everything beauty from head to toe. She has written blogs about hair treatments and hair care as well as reviews of makeup products and techniques. She has also written about beauty treatments and body beauty.

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Summary of Product Experience


Kelly has written many articles for online freelance organizations, news organizations and music news organizations on a wide array of topics.

Blog Post

Kelly has written blog posts about a huge range of topics including beauty, business, agriculture, education, technology, literature, photography and pets.

Product Description

Kelly has written product descriptions for many online retailers including health and beauty, home goods, furniture and jewelry.

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